Zero-annual fee credit cards, personal loans for paying the house rent and finance for buying used cars – reveals which financial products are trending in the UAE.

Our list of the ‘Most Popular UAE Banking Products’ is the sixth in the series of half-yearly rankings published by This list of the most popular credit cards, personal loans, car loans and home loans is based on the most viewed products on our website, and therefore is a true reflection of consumer opinion.

Please note that all product details, including rates, are updated as of 25th of October 2015 and are subject to change.

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Most Popular Credit Cards

Bank Product Name Min Salary (AED) Annual Fee Rate
1 AMEX The American Express® Platinum Credit Card 22,250 700 2.99%
2 Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card 8,000 0 2.99%
3 AMEX The Dubai Duty Free American Express Card® 20,000 175 2.99%
4 MAF Finance Najm Cashback Blue 5,000 0 3.09%
5 ADCB TouchPoints Titanium Credit Card with MyChoice 8,000 0 3.09%

The American Express Platinum card is the most popular credit card on our list, with top-notch features like membership rewards that can be redeemed for over 12 airline mile programs, complimentary lounge access in over 100 countries and a range of dining, leisure, and premium shopping discounts.

Credit cards that don’t charge any annual fee seem to be more popular amongst UAE residents. Citi Simplicity, Najm Cashback Blue and ADCB TouchPoints Titanium featuring on this list, are annual fee-free cards that offer benefits like cashback, loyalty rewards or shopping and dining discounts.

Most Popular Personal Loans

Bank Product Name Min Salary Needed (AED) Salary Transfer Required? Reducing Rate From Max Loan Amount (AED)
1 Union National Bank House Rent Loan 10,000 No 9.00% 200,000
2 Citibank Salary Transfer Loan 8,000 Yes 4.99% 500,000
3 Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Salam Finance for Expats 3,000 No 11.00% 1,000,000
4 ADIB Personal Finance for Expats 3,000 Yes 6.75% 1,000,000
5 CBD Personal Loan for Expats 8,000 Yes 4.50% 1,000,000

Union National Bank’s House Rent loan gets the top spot amongst personal loans. This also reflects the current market sentiment wherein many expats are having to consider taking a personal loan to pay for the steadily increasing house rents in the UAE. Citibank’s Salary Transfer loan at an attractive 4.99% p.a. is the second-most popular product on the list.

Dubai Islamic Bank continues to be a favorite amongst personal loans, and bags the same spot as last time. The fact that DIB offers a non-salary transfer option and loans to residents working for non-listed companies as well, has struck a chord with many expats in the UAE.

Most Popular Car Loans

Bank Product Min Salary Needed (AED) Salary Transfer Required? Reducing Rate From Down Payment
1 Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Used Car Finance 3,000 No 5.14% 20%
2 ADIB Used Car Finance – Murabaha 3,000 No 5.61% 20%
3 CBD Murabaha Vehicle Finance (New) 8,000 No 5.00% 20%
4 Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami New Car Finance 3,000 No 4.21% 20%
5  ADIB New Car Finance – Murabaha 3,000 No 4.70% 20%

In the car loans category, Dubai Islamic Bank and ADIB’s car loans have been revealed to be the most popular amongst users. It is interesting to note that more users are now looking for loans for used cars. The rising cost of living in the UAE could be one of the factors pushing people towards buying used vehicles which are definitely easier on the pocket.

Most Popular Home Loans

Bank Product Name Min Salary (AED) Reducing Rate From Rate Type Down Payment
1 ADIB Home Finance for Expats 15,000 2.99% Fixed then variable 25%
2 Abu Dhabi Finance Essence Fixed Home Loan- Dubai Properties only 10,000 3.29% Fixed then variable 25%
3 HSBC New Home Loan 15,000 3.24% Variable 25%
4 Abu Dhabi Finance Non Resident Home Loan (Compass) – Dubai Properties only 20,000 5.50% Variable 25%
5 ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals 10,000 2.99% Fixed then variable 20%

ADIB and Abu Dhabi Finance are visibly the most popular providers in the home loan category. ADIB’s Home Finance for Expats continues to be the clear favorite amongst expats, getting the top rank for the fifth time in a row. HSBC’s New Home Loan also marks the entry of a multinational bank for the first time on the list.

Interestingly, a home loan for non-residents also features in our list of most popular home loans in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi Finance Compass Mortgage for non-residents featuring on this list, indicates an increasing interest amongst non-resident investors in buying property in Dubai.

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