Even today, when organizations are moving towards increased automation of routine functions, HR processes in many SMEs are manual and essentially document-driven. In a manual set-up, the human resources function involves dealing with a number of documents – from joining formalities to exit formalities, as well as everything in between (application, approval of leaves, performance tracking, appraisals).

Making the move to HR process and workflow automation

Like in the case of any other country, the HR processes across businesses in the UAE also have to comply with the UAE’s regulatory policies and labor laws. The human resources team in any organization has their hands full with day-to-day tasks, and worrying about keeping up with compliance procedures can take a toll on their efficiency.

All around the world, SMEs are looking to automate various organizational functions, so why leave human resource and workflow management behind? An automated HR system can help automate critical HR functions that most companies regularly spend valuable time, money and resources on.

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Benefits of HR workflow automation

HR process and workflow automation can improve overall efficiency in workflow management as well as lead to significant cost-reduction. These are some of the benefits an organization can reap from automation:

• Helps to complete HR tasks faster and also reduces chances of human error
• Enhances transparency in HR procedures, and helps HR teams in tracking the status of various HR related tasks
• Makes a number of HR processes paperless
• Leads to better compliance and audit of HR processes and functions
• Eliminates duplication of effort and bottlenecks across various processes
• Helps free up valuable human resources, to focus on other more important areas in the business

Various companies all over the world offer automation solutions to simplify the day-to-day management of HR processes. InfoFort is one of the companies that offers such solutions across various industries in the UAE. InfoFort’s ‘Workflow Management and Automation’ solutions are a part of its broader range of services catering to records and document management needs of organizations.

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