Are you a First Gulf Bank (FGB) credit cardholder and confused about how to make the most of it? As a FGB customer you earn reward points every time you spend. This loyalty program is called the First Rewards, and you can redeem your First Points for shopping vouchers at stores such as Aldo, Home Center, Baby Shop, Kenneth Cole, Dune and Splash.

To help you make the most out of your FGB loyalty program, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How do I earn FGB First Reward Points?

First Reward Points can be redeemed for vouchers at various stores, and to pay utility bills such as Du, DEWA/ SEWA/ ADWEA  and the RTA. Earn First Reward Points every time you use your FGB credit card. Depending on the kind of card you have, earn a set number of points for every dirham spent using your card. For example, when you use your First Gulf Bank Standard Card, you get one point for every AED 1 spent. The criteria for points earned will differ for other FGB cards.

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How do I find out how many points I have?

To find out how many points you have accumulated over the months, call 600 52 5500. You will have to enter either your customer ID, debit card number or credit card number, after which a customer service agent will help you find out how many points you have.

Another way to find out how many points you have is by checking your monthly credit card statement, where you should be able to see the total points you have accumulated.

How do I redeem my FGB First Reward Points for a voucher?

Once you have earned enough First Reward Points, you can redeem them against a shopping voucher, or use them to pay your bills. To redeem your points for a voucher,  you have to go to the rewards list on the First Gulf Bank website, which shows all the vouchers you can get as well as the number of reward points you need for each. For example, for a Home Centre gift voucher worth AED 100, you need to earn 13,200 First Reward Points.

Decide which voucher you would like to redeem for your points, and call 600 52 5500. Enter either your credit card number, customer ID or debit card number, after which a customer service agent will put in a request for your chosen voucher. You should receive your voucher by courier within eight working days.

FGB points required for store vouchers

Store Voucher Value (AED) FGB points required
Jackys 1,000 141,800
Home Centre 1,000 122,500
Marks & Spencer 500 72,500
Baby Shop 100 13,900
Tommy Hilfiger 100 9,285
Dubai Dolphinarium 50 7,150
Aldo Accessories 50 4,645
Wild Wadi (four tickets) N/A 115,300

How do I redeem my FGB First Reward Points against utility payments?

1. Find out if your utility is covered

There are more than a dozen utility payments that FGB covers. To see the full list of what utility bill payments (UBP) are available, look for any listing with ‘UBP’ in the item code column of the table on the FGB rewards list.

Here’s a table with some examples of utility providers, and how many First Reward Points you need to redeem a specific amount back against your bill.

Item code Service provider First Reward Points needed To redeem… (AED)
UBP DEWA 21,450 150
UBP Etisalat 28,600 200
UBP Du 35,750 250
UBP Salik 35,750 250

2. Pay the utility bill

The next step to pay the utility bill using a FGB credit card.

3. Call FGB to get your reward points converted to credit

Call FGB’s customer service center on 600 52 5500 – an agent will help you redeem First Reward Points against the bill you’ve just paid.

In any calendar month, a customer can redeem points to a maximum of AED 500, which will then come off the total outstanding amount on your credit card statement that month.

The request should generally be processed within four working days.

Be sure to call FGB in the same month that you have paid the utility bill.

You can redeem First Reward Points when you pay bills for any of the service providers below:

  • DEWA
  • Du
  • Etisalat
  • E-vision
  • Salik
  • SEWA

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