Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water or if you look forward to the clashing of bulls and bears every day, stock markets offer a great investment avenue provided you play the markets with caution.

Haven’t considered investing in stocks yet?

Putting cash under the mattress is old-school. Let’s say you have a bank account and maybe some fixed deposits, but how far will your savings grow with money constantly taking a beating at the hands of inflation. It’s smart to diversify your investments, and here’s why you should consider investing in the stock market:

  • The combination of high inflation and low interest rates means that your savings will decrease in value over the long run, as the value of money drops. Hence, you need long-term investment in stocks that will reap you higher returns as the economy grows.
  • A balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, gold and Forex will not only safeguard you from excessive risk but also help grow your investments far more than just savings in the bank.

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Any experienced trader will tell you about how important timing is, when buying and selling stocks. So why spend time sitting in front of your computer or laptop screens, when there’s a more easily accessible and user-friendly alternative available?

ADCB Securities, an established brokerage company based in the UAE has made trading in local stock exchanges easy and secure for UAE residents. Up until now traders could carry out transactions through ADCB Securities’ online trading website, over the phone or even in person. But the latest trading channel introduced by ADCB is set to transform the way you trade.

Trading made simple with the ADCB Securities App

Don’t let timing get in the way of a good trade! Seize investment opportunities even when you’re on the go, with the ADCB Securities App.

This app, launched by ADCB Securities, gives you on-the-go access to trade stocks listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX). The new trading app is also supplemented by ADCB Securities’ dedicated call center to assist you.

With the ADCB Securities App, you can now get access to real-time stock prices and stock market news, place your orders, and keep track of your portfolio, wherever and whenever.

And it’s great for all levels of traders – beginners to experts. So if you’re a newbie to the world of stock trading, the app helps you get started smoothly with a user-friendly interface and simple-to-understand visualization of stock market data. The fast, reliable and secure stock trading app is great for seasoned traders too, who can not only get the market pulse but also keep constant track of their orders and account statement when on the move.

Both iPhone and Android users can download the trading app through the App store and Google Play. Just follow these steps to start using the app:

  1. Open an ADCB bank account, if you don’t already have one
  2. Open an ADCB Securities account
  3. Download the ADCB Securities App
  4. Log in with your online trading username and password
  5. Get trading!

ADCB Securities offers a multi-channel access to trading so you never miss out on a good deal. If you’re keen on investing in the UAE stock markets, check out the ADCB Securities App and manage your investments more efficiently from anywhere, at any time.