As soon as you move here, you need to set-up a bank account. Make sure you research and pick an account which suit your needs as you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing banks later on. To make payments towards your rent, loans and other bills, direct debit, standing orders and post-dated cheques are commonly used.

You can start looking for a new home and areas through the internet before even moving to the UAE. This will help you narrow down places based on work proximity and your budget. Make sure you visit the property before singing the dotted line. Also, If your employer is setting you up in a place for a few days or weeks, it will give you time to visit the apartments before making a final commitment. Staying at a hotel apartment is another option you can explore to get more time to find a new home to suit your needs.

Specifically finding placements in schools for FS or KG can be a bit of a challenge and there’s usually a waiting list. If you’re planning to relocate your entire family, it’s probably best you look for school before moving here. A good place to start with your search is looking for schools based on your location and preferred curriculum. Also, schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are rated by KHDA and ADEC and can help you with picking a school. On you can compare schools based a various criteria such as fees, location, curriculum and after school activities.

If you have a driver’s license from your home country check if you can convert it to the UAE drivers license by contacting RTA. If you can, you have option to get a car rental until you decide a more permanent solution such as buying a car. If you can’t convert your license, you will have to check with a driving institute on how many classes you need to take to get an official UAE license. If you’re thinking of buying a car, there are plenty of loan options in the UAE. On you can compare car loans based minimum salary requirements, profit/interest rates, downpayment and finance amounts.

Other public transportation options include taxis, which are relatively cheap, buses and the metro.

There are two main telecommunication providers in the UAE, du and Etisalat. You can get a prepaid or postpaid mobile plans from them along with your internet connection. Visitor plans are also available. Keep in mind, depending on where you live certain areas may require you to get an internet connection only from a specific provider.

As of this year, it’s mandatory for all Dubai residents to have health insurance. If you are moving to the UAE with a job, your employer should provide you with health insurance. Also, if you plan to own a car in the UAE, having car insurance is also mandatory in order to register your car. If you’re looking for insurance plans, on you can compare, home, car, health and travel insurance plans.