Ready to go on an Off-Road adventure? While you may have a sturdy tow rope, bottles of water and your friends coming along with you, make sure that you have invested in an Off Road Insurance cover for your car before you go deep in the desert.

What is an ‘Off-Road’ Insurance Cover?

An ‘Off-Road’ Insurance Cover is a policy feature that either comes with your Car Insurance or is bought as an add-on cover at an extra cost. It essentially covers loss or damage sustained by an insured private vehicle while it’s driven off the road. Insurers classify traveling on an unpaved or unmarked road as Off Road travel.

Am I eligible for an ‘Off Road’ Insurance Cover?

Insurance companies provide Off Road cover exclusively for 4×4 vehicles. So if you are thinking of going into the desert with your sedan, your car would not be covered even if an Off-Road cover is included in your policy. Make sure you check your coverage when comparing insurance policies at the time of purchase.

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What To Look Out For in the Off-Road Cover

When you’re choosing the Off Road cover, don’t forget to check the limitations of the cover in your policy. Some policies may limit the Roadside assistance for your off-road cover in terms of distance from a paved road, with the allowed upper limit being anywhere from 10 meters to 1 kilometer. Check for details with your insurance provider. provides ‘Off-road’ Insurance cover details on the site for you to compare as you look for your Car Insurance options. Click here to compare!