As a parent choosing the right school for our daughter was one of the most difficult and most important decision we had to make.

We were looking for an environment in which she can enjoy learning, be encouraged to achieve high academic standards and if one day we go back to our home country she can continue with the same curriculum.

With that aim in mind, we started our school search (googling random schools, taking advice from other parents etc…). The search was not easy at all, it was stressful, confusing, lots of info here and there. We couldnt find a dedicated website which offers us this luxury – the option of comparing schools. After several months, we short listed 2 schools; however, our priority was International School of Choueifat especially that it was established in our home country and the SABIS educational system is a rigorous and sequential curriculum that meets world class standards.

After completing the required documents we applied to the school in February. Initially our application was rejected; however, after a week we received a phone call from the school informing us that they opened a new section and our daughter is in!! Yeeeeey 🙂

Our experience with the school has been ace, our daughter loves it. All our hard work and efforts put into choosing a school for her has come to fruition.