Online shopping in the UAE is a convenient and popular way to fulfill your needs without having to leave your house. Websites such as, Amazon, Ebay, and Namshi are widely used in the UAE.

However, weekly online retail sales showed a change in consumer online spending behaviours.

Online Shopping

According to Criteo, a commerce market technology revealed that online sales are highest the week before Eid-Al-Fitr. The data showed a maximum uplift of over 42% and a 35% rise in website visitors.

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Ramadan is the time of highest consumption and purchasing behaviour because of the tradition of gifting during Eid. A survey data showed that about 61% respondents in Saudi Arabia and 58% in the UAE are planning to buy gifts during Ramadan.

Travel Plans

As Ramadan and Eid are ideally the best time for people to travel on holiday. The sales with regards to travel plans and flight bookings also increase in volume. There tends to be an increase of up to 75% in weekly sales during Eid and the summer holidays. 

Cash on Delivery Option

The data also showed that cash on delivery option is the most preferred form of payment in the Middle East. About 55% people in the UAE and 59% in Saudi Arabia would choose Cash on Delivery over other e-payment options. Thus, retailers that offered cash on delivery as an option would achieve higher sales during Ramadan.
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These trends were gathered from an analysis of over 4.2 million retail shopping transactions and about 7.7 million travel sale bookings from 94 advertisers in the Middle East.

It’s important for marketers and retailers to consider the changes in consumer behaviours. This will allow them to tailor their approach to customers during the period of Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr.