Are you looking for a bank account to manage your finances? Explore your options at the various local and international banks in the UAE. You can choose from a wide range of conventional and Islamic products, such as current, savings or deposit accounts which can fulfill your financial requirements. While the process may vary from bank to bank, here’s how you can open an account with National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD).

Choose the right account

Decide whether you’re looking for a current account for your day to day transactions, savings accounts for earning profit/interest on your money or deposit accounts for long term savings. NBAD offers a range of accounts such as the Personal Current Account, Elite Gold Current Account, NBAD One Account, Personal Savings Account, Elite Gold Savings Account, Fixed Deposit Account, Smart Deposit Account among others. There are also accounts specially designed for individuals such as Personal Student Current Account, Student Savings Account, Personal Ladies Current Account and Ladies Savings Account. There are also accounts designed specifically for football enthusiasts such as Real Madrid Current Account and Elite Gold Real Madrid Current Account.

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What is the eligibility criteria?

After deciding the type of account you’re interested in, the next step is to check whether you satisfy the eligibility requirements of the bank. NBAD requires the applicant to be 21 years or above for standard accounts. However, there are accounts offered to students who are 18 and above. While some accounts are offered to all; salaried, self-employed and non-salaried customers, there are others which may be offered to either one of these three categories. Also, select accounts may be restricted to UAE nationals only.

Opening the account

You can visit any branch of NBAD and submit an application when opening an account. You can also use online banking or phone banking to request for a callback for further assistance. The next step is to submit the necessary documents such as copy of the Emirates ID, visa and passport and make sure to bring the originals along as well. You will also need a recent salary certificate from your employer.

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Ask all the important questions

It’s important to ask questions such as what is the minimum balance required to maintain in the account, and if there is a fee if you fail to do so. The initial minimum deposit will also vary depending on whether you transfer your salary or not. On successful opening of the account, you will receive an account number, IBAN number, debit card and a cheque book depending on the account you applied for.

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