For yachting enthusiasts, the very thought of setting sail and smelling the ocean breeze wafting through the air kick starts an appetite to hit the high seas.

However, there are a lot of things one needs to keep in mind before setting out on a nautical retreat, right from preparing the vessel for the voyage to finding the right insurance cover. Here are some quick preparation tips for both first-timers and boating aficionados that may come in handy:

  1. Is everything on your Yacht in order?

It all starts with checking all the elements such as batteries, oil, water filters, rig, engine and any other electronic equipment to ensure that everything on your boat is in order. Also, one must ensure proper weight distribution on the vessel so that it does not topple during bad weather or strong currents. Make sure that heavier objects such as batteries, water tanks, gas bottles, lockers, etc., are firmly secured.

  1. Make a checklist of essentials

From sunscreens to GPS devices, draw a list of all the items you would need on the boat. Out in the sea, you will be exposed to harsh UV rays, which may cause skin allergies if you stay unprotected. So, make sure you pack all your protective clothing, sunglasses, and SPF moisturizers before venturing out.

  1. Emergency medical kits

You won’t have immediate access to professional medical care in the sea. A well-stocked emergency medical kit comes in handy if someone on board feels ill due to motion sickness or on the off chance of a grievous injury. There are different types of medical kits categorized according to the duration of the journey, the number of passengers on board, ports of call, etc. Do a quick research on the type of medical kit you would need for the journey and store it in protective and waterproof compartments.

  1. Secure your boat with the right insurance

One can never rule out the possibility of damage to the boat or any personal property on board; therefore, it is strongly advised to get an appropriate yacht insurance cover before you set sail. You would find several insurance policies that are customized to suit your exact needs, including coverage for the boat, motor, trailer as well as liability lawsuits and medical payments. Signing up for a yacht insurance in Dubai will keep your mind at ease when you are out sailing and let you enjoy the time in the water.

  1. Do you have everything for a safe trip?

Stock up on enough flotation devices of the right size for everyone on board, ensure that you have ample fuel reserves (good rule of thumb is: one-third fuel for the trip out, one-third for the return and one-third as reserve), check if the marine radio is in working order, etc.

The primary purpose of sailing is to feel at one with nature and leave our busy lives far behind. With a comprehensive yacht insurance cover and appropriate safety measures, you will be at peace during your voyage and make tons of memories with your friends & family.

Wish you a smooth sailing!