The UAE is a dream place for the petrol-heads and outdoor adventure seekers. Unlimited stretches of deserts, mountain landscapes, wadis and coastal areas make the perfect playgrounds for memorable road trips.

Here is a pick of four great road trip destinations in the UAE:

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Road trip #1 – Jabal Hafeet, Al Ain

Most resident’s favorite spot – the mountain of Jabal Hafeet indeed offers a beautiful drive and allows for memorable photo moments at its top.

Getting there: The route to the mountain is quite smooth and simple. Leaving from Dubai you will just have to get onto the E66 Dubai-Al Ain highway for about an hour and a half and follow the signs to Jabal Hafeet once you enter the city. Then drive up the 11.7km road and its 21 corners to get to the peak of the mountain, for an amazing view over Al Ain!

Road trip #2 – Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi

What can be more precious than water in the middle of the desert? However, reaching the Liwa Oasis – located in the empty quarter, which is the largest desert sand area in the world – is not so easy.

Getting there: About 300 kms from Abu Dhabi by the E11 road, 450kms from Dubai, you will drive through vast desert areas of the UAE before reaching there. If you have a 4X4, you can venture into the numerous off-road tracks of the Liwa region, but remember to always enter the desert as part of a convoy and be very well equipped.

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Road trip #3 – Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Here is another hidden gem off the coast of Abu Dhabi. So well hidden, that roads won’t take you all the way in and you will have to switch transportation modes by embarking on a ferry boat for the last leg of the trip. The island is home to various wild animal species – living free in the natural reserve and protected mangroves.

Getting there: Follow the E11 in the direction of Tarif. After exit 142 you will see signs directing you to the island.

Road trip #4 – Hatta pools, Hatta

Located less than 90 minutes from Dubai, Hatta pools are the perfect spot to take a splash in fresh transparent waters when temperatures start to rise in the city. What’s more – the drive is pretty easy. Once in Hatta, you can choose the comfort of the Hatta Fort hotel pools. But the more adventurous ones will surely head directly to the natural wadi pools.

Getting there: Hit the E44 Al Khail road in the direction of Hatta and drive straight! Don’t forget your IDs as there are check-points on the road.

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