Outsourcing information management to experts can help companies by making business operations more seamless, so that key players can focus on growing the business.

Insurance companies can use records management and process automation services not only to up their technological game, but also to scale up their business and achieve long-term cost savings.

Records management solutions

This includes both physical and electronic records management solutions, which cover every aspect of data management – assessment and sorting of data files, collection and storage of physical files, converting them to a suitable digital format, retrieval upon request and secure destruction if and when required. These services are provided by experts which ensures that the process is secure, efficient, and economical and meets the highest quality standards.

Automation of claim management process

Managing claims forms a huge operational part of any insurance business. The right software solution to automate the whole claim life cycle can drastically improve operational efficiency and reduce chances of human error.

Claim management includes various aspects like claim approval, examination, processing and final settlement. Automation of these processes leverages business intelligence and uses analytics which can help prevent potential frauds based on detection of certain patterns.

Managing physical insurance policies

Policy documents are sacred for any insurance business. Keeping them secure and handling them with caution is top priority for companies.

Policy management solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of insurance companies. The first step is to collect the policy documents from various sales channels and digitization of these, moving on to a comprehensive review of policy details and making sure that physical and electronic records match. The process also includes safe storage of physical policy documents and destruction when requested by the client.

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These are some of the key advantages that businesses stand to gain from the above mentioned services:

• Paperless processes
• Lower operational costs
• Better compliance with regulatory requirements
• Improving the quality of customer service
• Seamless day-to-day business operations
• More efficient and secure data management
• Better disaster recovery planning

InfoFort offers comprehensive information management solutions for various industries, including insurance. Companies operating at any scale can reap the benefits of physical and electronic records management, information back-up and tape management, and data destruction services.