Moving your belongings from one country to another? Did you get your contents insured? If not, goods in transit insurance covers inventory or other merchandise shipped by the owner, but not yet received and accepted at destination. It’s intended to protect you from financial loss if this property is lost, damaged, or destroyed while off premises and in transit.

Understanding the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage ensures that the worst doesn’t come to pass in a worst-case scenario.

Choosing an Amount

Deciding on the amount of insurance is an important first step. Generally, the policy limit should reflect the maximum value being shipped in any one conveyance. When choosing the amount, keep the following in mind: Cargo policies typically value goods at the invoice cost, plus freight charges, plus an advance of between 10 and 20 percent to cover expenses incurred during shipping that are unknown at the time of shipping.

Relying on the insurance of common carriers (professional shipping companies) for reimbursement may or may not be a viable option. Typically, the carrier isn’t responsible and may cover loss or damage when it’s due to its own negligence while the goods are in its care. The carrier’s liability can be very limited, sometimes as little as $2 per pound, unless a specific valuation is indicated on the bill of lading.

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Purchasing insurance from the forwarder may be an option, particularly if you have infrequent shipments. Considerations include the adequacy of the coverage relative to your specific needs, the cost, and the financial strength of the proposed insurer. Self-insurance is another choice if you have the financial resources to absorb a catastrophic loss, and if you have the expertise and resources to investigate the cause of a loss, mitigate loss, expedite the release of cargo following a general average, and implement loss control and risk management practices.

Shipping Clauses

Goods that are in temporary storage probably aren’t covered by an ocean cargo policy. These policies are designed to cover goods in transit, including customary delays in transit and beyond the control of the insured. Coverage for goods in storage because of other interruptions must be specifically arranged.

Home search and settling in the UAE

There are several relocation companies to help with the process and settle in. However, depending on your needs, the relocation package may differ.

Complete assistant package:

This tailor-made program offers complete support for expatriates and their families, helping them to familiarize themselves with their new city, find the right property to rent or buy and choose a great school. They also provide assistance with finding a good medical care provider, opening a bank account and orientation around the new area.

Compare home loans in the UAE

Property search:

Home search and business relocation service focuses on finding the right property for a client, within their set criteria. This includes assisting with lease negotiation, signing of the contract, house inspection and connecting utilities.

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Education support:

Provides a complete overview of nurseries, schools and universities within the UAE, including fees, curriculum and term times. Additional services include arranging and accompanying clients to registration interviews and following up on the application process.


With any new move getting to know the area is essential. Our relocation team provides a complete guide to the district and the local infrastructure. We highlight need to know places, such as schools, hospitals, medical centers, malls, supermarkets, childcare options, entertainment, nearby mosques and sporting and cultural facilities.

Immigration services:

Relocation company can help businesses and individuals secure both work and residence permits in the UAE. process employment visas every step of the way, action applications for employment permits and residence permits.

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Departure services:

Relocation company offer assistance to clients when they decide to vacate their property. We will review current contracts for termination clauses, notify landlords and property managers of their intention to vacate, organize the disconnection of all utilities and assist with deposit retrieval as well as any repair work needed on the premises.

Abhilash Nair is a relocation professional who works at ISS Worldwide Movers / A Division of Inchcape Shipping Service. He has been in Dubai for the last 5 years and has worked for some of the top brands in the removal business, and loves to interact with the people on the move. Being in the relocation industry over 15 years, Nair originally comes from a background of multimedia and started working in 2000 after schooling and spending first 20 years of  his life with a father who serviced in the Defense force and traveled a lot.