Growing your business in today’s tech-savvy market also involves stepping up your technological game and taking it a notch higher. This means that you’ll have to upgrade your existing business technologies and introduce new technologies where required.

In such a scenario, businesses are often faced with redundant files and documents, obsolete hard drives, CDs, DVDs as well as IT assets like servers, laptops and PCs. As these begin piling up and taking up precious space in your office, how do you get rid of them?

The process is not as easy as simply discarding these. You have to ensure that the disposal is as per industry best practices, meets environmental regulatory norms, and most critical of all – you have to make sure that none of the confidential information contained in these documents and hardware gets compromised.

Why do you need to bring an expert in?

Some business owners, especially those that run SMEs may be skeptical about bringing in a third party for physical data destruction and document shredding. But there is a lot to gain from enlisting data destruction services from an established company. Not only will your employees be free to focus on core business activities, but outsourcing the job to the experts will ensure that it’s handled efficiently.

The service provider will offer you a certificate once the destruction process is successfully completed. An established provider will also guarantee that the security of your data is not compromised at any step of the process.

Apart from destroying data in a controlled environment, the service provider will also take care of other logistics like packing, collection and transportation if you opt for offsite data destruction, as well as systematic record keeping of the inventory involved.

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How does the data destruction process work?

The first step involves taking stock of what requires to be destroyed – documents, electronic files, obsolete IT assets etc. Once this inventory is captured in the records, the next step is actual destruction of data. This can be done both onsite or offsite depending upon the arrangement the company has with the service provider. This will involve everything from electronically wiping off data to destruction of hardware as required.

Also to ensure that the data destruction process complies with recycling and security standards within the UAE, make sure to enlist the services of a company which guarantees compliance with the strictest quality standards and handles the destruction of all materials in an eco-friendly manner.

The final step after the documents and hardware has been destroyed is obtaining a certificate or documentary proof from the service provider. This document would provide details of which assets were destroyed, how they were disposed of, the recycling and quality standards that the service provider complied with etc.

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