For most people in Dubai, an ideal vacation means spending time with close friends and family deep into the vast and tranquil waters and far away from the bustling city life. Each year, yacht owners eagerly look forward to the end of the summer season as that is when they can finally undock their vessels and set sail for new destinations.

But imagine facing an unexpected incident out in the middle of the sea that puts the safety of your vessel and people on board at risk? Your ideal vacation can get ruined within a matter of seconds even with the smallest of mishaps. Don’t fret! Because a proper yacht insurance cover that is customized for your needs can take the load off your chest.

A lot can go wrong, so do what’s right

Accidents can happen to the most careful of yacht owners, and that is why a comprehensive insurance coverage is the need of the hour. Here are five key benefits of opting in for a yacht insurance in Dubai that all boat owners must know about:

#1 Extensive damage coverage

Investing in a yacht is a big commitment and we all know how costly the repairs can get when components get damaged. Vessels often get damaged due to collisions with another boat, being struck by submerged or floating objects, or running aground. Even on the ground, several factors like falling tree limbs, acts of vandalism, or weather-related perils can cause significant damage to your yacht. But here’s the good news – yacht insurance policies can protect your boat, whether it is on water or land. With a comprehensive ‘all risk’ policy, your boat stays protected all around the year.

#2 Liability coverage

Incidents like an unfortunate collision with another vessel or injuries to guests can be a nightmare for boat-owners who are looking to spend quality time in the sea. What adds to the ordeal is that you become liable to pay the full amount if you don’t have an insurance coverage. Responsible boat-owners must always opt for a third-party liability coverage to cushion themselves against such hefty expenses.

#3 Coverage for personal injuries

Boat-related mishaps are not just fatal for your vessel, but can also put your own life at risk. Risks of a personal injury can never be ruled out when you are out there in the sea, even if the odds are not that great. A boat insurance policy can extend to include coverage for treatment and hospitalization resulting from injuries sustained on board.

#4 Cushion for the worst

Complete damage or destruction of your vessel due to natural calamities, sinking, or a fatal collision can be a huge financial burden to bear. An insurance coverage can help you bounce back from such financial setbacks and put you back on the water in no time.

#5 Peace of mind

Yachting is a recreational activity that helps us unwind in the lap of nature. But what good is a vacation when you are constantly worried about something or the other going wrong? With a comprehensive yacht insurance coverage, you can truly leave your worries behind and enjoy your time off in the sea.