If you’ve just bought yourself a new set of wheels, the next obvious step is to purchase a car insurance cover. Even a small dent or mechanical failure can set you back by a hefty sum, if you don’t have adequate comprehensive insurance to cover the associated expenses. The most ideal car insurance plan is an all-encompassing cover that covers your vehicle from a wide range of damages – and in this day and age, you don’t have to run around from agent to agent to find the perfect plan for your needs. Today, you can buy car insurance right from the luxury of your own living room and avail a host of exclusive benefits that you’re deprived of when scouting for plans offline.

Below are a few reasons why buying your car insurance online is a far better bet compared to buying it offline.

Value for money

The online procedure for acquiring car insurance is much faster and more secure. This means you end up cutting down on fuel, time and money that you would otherwise spend when actually visiting insurers. Even scouting for plans over phone calls made to insurance companies is time consuming, with that IVR eating up your time.

On the other hand, when picking your car insurance cover online through a comparison platform, you can scan the website for quotes diligently, allowing you to make a more well-informed decision when making the purchase.

No need to work with an agent

A more elevated premium cost is among one of the few disadvantages that comes along with using agents to buy your car insurance. Getting your insurance online cuts down time as well as money and takes you directly to the source. Having a traditional agent in the picture also means there’s extra baggage of working with an individual who needs to make his ends meet and, therefore, can end up jeopardizing your choice of the right car insurance. You also save yourself the trouble of agents looking to cheat you or lure you into shelling out more.

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Discounts and offers

Online insurance comparison platforms like Souqalmal.com offer some great discounts and limited period offers on insurance products. For this reason, the car insurance plan you seek usually would be available at a lower premium. Not just that, you may also be able to score a better deal on other insurance products and on your next car insurance renewal too.

Increased user-friendliness

The online navigation, comparison and purchase process makes the entire online customer journey smooth and seamless. When associating with a well-established online insurance platform, your financial transactions are sure to be conducted over fast and secure payment portals too.

Broader range of policy options

Online insurance platforms such as Souqalmal.com offer more robust comparison tools, making it much easier to compare policies and weigh your options before making a choice. This means you get to pick those features that are most well-tailored for your requirements and customize a package based on your needs in a quick, seamless and transparent way before you complete the entire purchase.

Cashless payments

Online car insurance platforms offer secure cashless payment facilities. This means that the entire purchase process is made easier and more convenient for shoppers. This melds with the other benefits of the online buying experience to form an ideal model for buyers who are looking to save time and precious Dirhams, without compromising on their insurance benefits.

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