Are you planning to buy a new car? According to a survey conducted by in August 2016, SUV’s and sedans were the most popular cars among female respondents. 47% of women who participated in the survey, said they prefer driving an SUV, while 24% would pick a sedan.

Before you finalize your decision on whether to get an SUV or a sedan, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of both. They’re both equally popular, however there are a few key factors which you need to take into account to find a car that suits your needs as well as your lifestyle.

Which car suits you more in terms of size?

When comparing SUV’s and sedans in terms of size, the clear winner is the SUV. The sheer size of an SUV is what appeals to car enthusiasts, making them the preferred option. A full-size SUV can seat up to nine people, whereas a sedan can only seat up to five. SUV’s come in all shapes, sizes and seating configurations, and are equipped with a powerful engine to match the size.

Want better visibility?

Driving an SUV does offer you the advantage of higher driver seating positions than sedans, thus providing better visibility while driving. It helps the driver to better judge curves while making turns on the road.

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What’s under the hood?

When it comes to what’s under the hood, without a doubt SUV’s are more powerful than sedans. The former come typically in four and six cylinder engines but larger models are packed with 8 cylinders. This allows the car to go off-road without any trouble, along with towing capacity.

Looking for an Eco-friendly car?

When it comes to fuel economy, sedans are more fuel efficient. This is because a smaller engine, lighter body and aerodynamic shape allows sedans to perform better than SUV’s. Sedans also release lower CO2 emissions than their larger counterparts. So if you’re looking for a fuel efficient car, then sedans are the best option.

Going on an adventure?

If you’re adventurous and like going off-road, then an SUV would be the obvious choice for you. Higher ground clearance and a four wheel drive feature makes it possible for these cars to be driven in all kinds of terrain, be it the desert, muddy or rocky terrain. Sedans are usually front wheel or rear wheel drive and have low ground clearance which is not suitable for off-road conditions.

Is comfort and safety your priority?

When comfort and luxury are deal-breakers for you, both cars are equally matched as both types are now available in premium quality interiors as well as best tech features. Driving comfort differs based on an individual’s preference, as some prefer SUV-style seating over sedans or the other way around. However, when it comes to maneuverability, sedans are best since they have a lower center of gravity. This ensures stability when making turns and prevents them from turning over which can be a potential risk in SUV’s.