The decision to live abroad and move to a more amenable location is becoming a more popular one. As people have grown more comfortable with the concept of expat living, they have also expanded their horizons to new countries and new experiences. The Middle East is fast becoming the go-to region for many expats.

Once you make the decision to live as an expat, there will be practical matters to think about and many things to consider, especially if you are moving to a completely different culture. If you have young children, you will need to find a good school for them. You will need to learn how to drive in your new home country and understand the rules governing car ownership and driving. Perhaps most importantly, you will need to adjust to the local culture and learn about the prevailing customs of your new Middle Eastern homeland.

All those details can present a real challenge to the expat community, but the online world has made it a lot easier to adjust to even the most different culture. From its earliest days, the internet had the ability to bring together people from around the world, allowing them to get to know one another and learn about cultures from around the world. On the modern internet, expat blogs play a vital role in helping the newcomer settle into a new way of life and fit into a new community. These are 15 of our favorite expat blogs.

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The Alloexpat blog is one of the most comprehensive resources out there, with a worldwide reach and a presence in more than 164 countries covering five continents. Alloexpat serves as a virtual hub, connecting expats from around the world with the information they need. Instead of concentrating on a particular country or region, this blog provides ready access to resources for virtually any nation on earth.

The Alloexpat portal includes the latest in expat news, information on new laws affecting expats and a wealth of information on locations around the world. With more than 900,000 visitors a month and almost 200,000 members, Alloexpat is one of the largest and most respected expat blogs on the web.


The Dubai section of the Alloexpat blog is a must for anyone planning a move to the United Arab Emirates. This informative and easy-to-use blog provides vital information for the first-time visitor, but it also includes in-depth tips for expats and others who wish to explore the culture of the country and its people.

The Dubai Alloexpat page includes forums where new expats can chat with their more experienced peers. They can pass on their experiences in the city of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole with those waiting to make their move, helping them avoid common mistakes and get off to a great start in their new homeland.


The Dubai Angoinfo blog is well laid out and easy to navigate, and it provides a wealth of information for new and experienced expats alike. Sections include housing, working, finance and transportation, all designed to answer the most common questions expats have about the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai.

The blog also includes a section dedicated to moving in, a must for any new expat. Moving to a new state is challenging enough; moving to a new country halfway around the world can feel overwhelming. Expat blogs like this one make the process much easier to manage.


The Expat Blog site contains a wealth of information of use to expats. This is one of the largest and best-known expat sites out there, and it remains one of the most useful. The site features free registration and takes just a minute. The Expat Blog does not specialize in the Middle East, but it does include excellent resources for expats who wish to settle in the region.

Once registered, members can access thousands of entries by bloggers from around the world. The entries are invaluable for a number of reasons, chief among them the fact that they are created by actual expats with first-hand experience. The blogs are easy search and divided by country and individual cities. Members can find general travel tips, as well as historical information, cultural acclimation information, transportation tips and a host of other valuable information.


As the name suggests, the blog is dedicated to all things Dubai. If you are thinking about making a move to the region, this blog is the perfect place to start your research.

The blog includes a comprehensive section dedicated to moving to the United Arab Emirates, helping newcomers plan their trip and get settled in properly. The blog also includes a section dedicated to the life, helping expats ease the culture shock and settle in to their new homes.


The Expat Arrivals blog is a comprehensive site that focuses on helping expats find the perfect destination. The blog includes a host of general tips and information on a wide variety of destinations. Of particular use is the hot topics section, which includes valuable information on planning a relocation, homeschooling the children while living abroad and negotiating the right relocation package. The Expat Arrivals blog provides a comprehensive list of countries, including all of Europe, much of Africa, Asia and the Americas and an excellent section on Australia and New Zealand.

The Expat Arrivals blog also includes an entertaining and informative expat interviews section with firsthand experiences, tips and real world information from people already living the expat lifestyle.


This blog is also dedicated to the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai, and it contains a host of valuable resources for expats to draw on. The blog includes a full section for people new to Dubai, including information on the culture and history of the country. Also included are sections dedicated to health, travel, moving tips and real estate information.

Unlike many other Dubai blogs, the blog also includes a section for kids. Schooling is always a major consideration for parents heading abroad, and this blog gives moms and dads the resources they need to educate their children and keep them entertained in a new land.


The Expat Explorer website is a hub for the expat community, bringing together expats from around the world and letting them share their experiences. The hub also makes it easy for experienced expats to share their favorite tips and tricks with newcomers. Every expat goes through a period of adjustments, and many make serious and costly mistakes during that transitional period. Having access to a blog like this one makes it easier for new expats to avoid mistakes and get off to a great start, no matter where in the world they decide to move.


If you are looking for real world information and tips from other expats, is the place to go. This valuable blog is divided into two sections – articles and forums. Each section is further divided by country, making searching fast and easy. The Expat Explorer blog has a wide focus, but it also includes extensive sections dedicated to the Middle Eastern region.

The articles include valuable information gleaned by interviews with expats, as well as news reports and data relevant to each country included on the site. The forums make it easy for newcomers to chat with and learn from more experienced expats. People considering moving abroad can also use the forum to learn about the country and gather data before making the move.


The blog contains information for destinations around the world, so finding specific information on your intended destination is fast and easy. No matter where you plan to relocate, you can find valuable information on this site.

The blog features international relocation guides that include everything the expat needs to set up a new life in a new land. Resources include online forums, comprehensive FAQ sections, research and reviews from people on the ground, the latest updates on everything from political upheavals to monetary considerations and complete real estate information.

11. - Where Expats BlogThe website focuses on real world expertise and the value of learning from other expats. With nearly 500 expats in its network, this blog provides first-hand information from people already living the expat lifestyle. While this blog has a global reach, it is most comprehensive for those planning a move to Central or South America or Europe.

The site includes access to a vast network of blogs, more than 2,500 in all. Those blogs cover more than 130 countries, all categorized and indexed for easy searching. If you are thinking about moving to a new location, the website is the perfect place to start.


Female expats are a growing part of the expat movement, but their needs are often very different to those of their male counterparts. Expat women need to be more concerned about safety and cultural issues, and the site is designed to help them address such issues. The Expat Woman site, especially the forum, is a great resource for those planning a move to the Middle East. The blog includes extensive sections on Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Quatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. The blog also includes great resources on Vietnam and Singapore.

The site was first established in 2001, and it has grown substantially since its first appearance. The site focuses on the needs of women planning to relocate to various countries within the Gulf Region, but it also includes sections dedicated to Singapore and Azerbaijan. The site includes free access to experts and fellow expats, allowing women to get tips and information from people who have already made the move.


The site also focuses on the needs of women, and it includes hundreds of valuable interviews with expats living and thriving around the world. While other sites focus on specific regions or countries, the site includes resources for more than 130 countries across many different continents.

The site includes a comprehensive forum section where expat women can talk to one another, share tips and advice and get the latest news from the countries they are considering. If you are a woman considering the expat lifestyle, this blog is a good place to start.


The transitional phase is critical for any expat. It takes time to adjust to a new location and a new way of life, and that is where the blog comes into play. Established in 2003, this blog focuses on helping people who want to move abroad and enjoy the expat lifestyle. has been designed as a one-stop shop for everything the new expat needs, from real estate and housing information to tips on getting around and staying safe. The site includes informative country guides and an expat directory that includes information on the products expats need to get off to a great start in a new location.


The website is a portal dedicated to working, traveling, studying and living abroad. The portal includes valuable information on a number of popular expat destinations, as well as articles focusing on accepting a job overseas, finding suitable housing and choosing the best school for your children.

Cultural differences and societal norms play a big role in the lives of women living and working in the Middle East, and expats need to know about those differences. The forums on the blog serve as a valuable resource for expats and travelers alike. If you are thinking about making the move, you need to check out this blog.