The National published an article on effective leaders in the UAE and their best qualities. Souqalmal CEO & Founder Ambareen Musa was featured in the article.

Effective leaders take ideas to the moon, yet keep feet firmly on the ground; achieving the extraordinary is piecemeal for them. Their humility, passion and dedication is priceless, and has been chronicled for centuries. Today’s leaders are extending this list of virtues, with the ability to identify needs that are neither tangible nor visible. Their innovation and change is tapping into needs that hail from emotional disconnection with people, places and resources.

Ambareen Musa, from the financial comparison website, chose not to stand by and watch families suffer because they did not understand how credit cards work and the fees they can attract through misuse. Many wouldn’t care, but Ms Musa does. She is passionate about equipping buyers with the knowledge and ability to purchase within their means, and has done so in a language a layman would understand. This online marketplace takes the worry and complexity out of obtaining a credit card. Emotional reconnection and family happiness is again at the core of a business.

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