The National published an article on features of UAE home insurances which are a must and should be considered as priorities. The article included expert advices from founder and CEO Ambareen Musa on the same topic.

Home insurance coverage can extend to buildings, contents or personal belongings. Your choice of home insurance may vary depending on whether you own the house or have rented it out. As a tenant, you will be interested in contents cover which will protect the existing contents of your house such as furniture and other household goods. According to a YouGov survey, only 6 per cent of UAE residents have contents insurance. They don’t feel the UAE is exposed to risks such as fire, theft, earthquakes, floods or other natural catastrophes.

The contents of your home may be more valuable than you think. There are different types of home content insurance policies and it is best to compare the details of each to understand how much of your property and valuables will be covered in unavoidable circumstances. When shopping for the right policy, make sure you look for the following features.

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