Josiane Assaad, Director of Communications at, talks about why travel insurance is essential and what you should keep in mind when buying it:

Expatriates make up about 90 per cent of the UAE population, so outbound travel at least once a year is a given for most residents.

But very few residents – expats or Emiratis – buy travel insurance before they fly. Insurance brokers the Nexus Group estimates that less than 1 per cent of residents are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

That is a big mistake, say industry experts.

“Whether you are travelling for fun or on a business trip, travel insurance is an important aspect of your travel that should not be overlooked,” says Josiane Assaad, the Director of Communications at

Travel insurance covers everything from medical emergencies to lost belongings, flight cancellations and delays, to personal accident cover and loss of travel documents. And while some may receive a measure of travel insurance coverage through health insurance policies or financial products, it is wrong to assume cover is in place. “Some health insurance policies cover overseas emergency medical expenses, however, this might have some exclusions in terms of geographical coverage and the associated emergency expenses,” says Ms Assaad.

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