The National published an article on a reader’s personal finance problem and answers from experts on the same.

What is the procedure to change a credit rating if the rating is based on past issues. I had a case in 2013 from a bank regarding my credit card but it was settled immediately. Since then I have only used one bank for all my needs and have maintained healthy records. I then applied for a credit card from another bank but was rejected due to my low credit rating. I was told to apply to the Central Bank to change my rating. How do I do that?

Ambareen Musa, the CEO of provided her expert insight on resolving the issue.

Start by obtaining your credit report from AECB to verify your historical credit data. The bureau has a system in place through which you can dispute data shown on your credit report. If you see an error on your report, you can register a dispute and provide the relevant documents to support your case, such as account/car/loan statements from the bank. The bureau will verify this information with the bank and provide you with a resolution usually within 20 working days. If your claim is verified, the disputed information will be amended in their database and reflected in your future credit rating.

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