The team sheds light on five simple ways to help you bring down the cost of your car insurance:

The cost of car insurance has been the talk of the town for some time now. It started mid-2016 when the UAE Insurance Authority (IA) announced the new rules for motor insurance policies. A few months later, the IA introduced the new tariff system detailing the minimum and maximum premiums for such policies.

However, the additional benefits – made mandatory on UAE car insurance policies since January – have driven premiums up, and car owners are now looking for ways to save. The team at price comparison site has shortlisted five of the easiest and most practical ways to help you trim your car insurance costs:

1. The ‘No Claims Discount’ of course

This one is a no-brainer. Drivers can reap the rewards of safe driving, thanks to the no claims discount offered by insurers. So if you haven’t made any claims previously, you can get a discount, and have a nice amount shaved off your next car insurance premium. Similarly, a spotless driving history will also help lower your premium. So if you haven’t run into any trouble with the RTA, and haven’t received any black points for committing traffic violations, you stand a much better chance of being offered a lower car insurance quote.

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