Josiane Assaad, Director of Communications at, talks about why home contents insurance is useful and what you should keep in mind when buying it:

Your next holiday could end up costing a lot more than you intend, according to Josiane Assaad from the finance comparison site, says residents without home insurance risk losing a lot of money if something happens to their property when they leave the country for a break. With many UAE residents now preparing for their spring getaways, here Ms Assaad reveals why insurance is useful and what we should keep in mind when buying it:

What can go wrong with our homes while we are away?

Residents are more prone to loss/damage to their houses during the holiday season as they tend to leave their houses unattended for a longer period of time. Among the major causes of damage to property in the UAE are water damage (such as leaking pipes, flooding etc) and fire, which can lead to significant damage to the property and the resident’s personal belongings, thus burdening residents with the cost of replacement in the absence of home insurance.

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