Amidst all the Coronavirus chaos, the UAE Ministry of Interior has introduced new measures to simplify car registration for car owners in the country. Given the calls for social distancing in Covid-19 hit countries, authorities in the UAE are also urging residents to stay home and not step out unless absolutely necessary.

So now that you’re confined to home, how do you renew your car registration?

Good news – You can now renew your car registration exclusively online, without having to visit a service delivery center. The new provision is effective for the next three months (starting March 22nd).

How does it work?

No need to get your car tested

Now you don’t have to visit a vehicle testing center for a physical evaluation of your car. The authorities have waived the technical inspection requirement, which is an annual renewal requirement for private vehicles (older than 3 years) and all commercial vehicles. That also means you save on the AED 150 inspection fee.

No need to pay any fines

Car owners renewing their car registration over the next three months can also benefit in another great way. Now there’s no need for you to pay and settle the traffic fines you have accrued over the previous registration cycle. You can go ahead and apply for registration renewal without paying your fines or worrying about confiscation and traffic points.

Absolutely, no need to leave your home

With the new measures in place, car owners don’t need to step out to renew their car registration. And what’s even better – You don’t need to step out to insure your car either, which now happens to be the ONLY requirement you need to fulfill to renew your car.

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