Thiqa which is the Arabic word for “Trust“, is the health insurance program for UAE nationals and those of similar status in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The program has seen a great number of Emirati people enroll in it since it was introduced in 2008.

-To enroll in the Thiqa program simply follow the instructions on the Thiqa official website

The National Health Insurance Company “Daman” was nominated to manage the Thiqa programme on behalf of the Government of Abu Dhabi. Under the ‘ Thiqa’ programme, Abu Dhabi Government provides full medical coverage for all UAE nationals living in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Citizens will get a Thiqa card, through which they will get a full comprehensive access to a large number of private and public healthcare hospitals and clinics registered within the Daman network. It also includes a broader geographical coverage and extra health benefits.

In order to qualify for the Thiqa programme, UAE nationals living in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi aged 18 to 75 years need to undergo the ‘ Weqaya‘ screening run by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. The health check is done to identify the cardiovascular risk factors and may be waived only in exceptional cases.

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Last April Thiqa Medical Insurance Card holders were exempted from the 20 percent co-payment when receiving treatment at the private healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.The co-payment for services and pharmaceuticals in medical facilities within Thiqa’s network for services provided in Dubai and the Northern Emirates is now 10%.

Rights as a Thiqa member:

  • You will receive full information about the Thiqa health coverage & the services, terms and conditions of how the services will be provided and full details of the network providers (including hospitals, pharmacies and dental clinics ).
  • Your privacy will be assured.
  • Voice complaints or appeal to Daman on the benefits offered, claim settlement, services proposed, or any other inconvenience.
  • Be provided, upon request, with information about Thiqa benefits including limitations
  • If applicable you will get full exclusions and details related to your medication list.
  • Receive full services in English and Arabic when contacting the Daman Customer Service.
  • You can exercise your rights in accordance with the Health coverage laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • The confidentiality of your treatment records will be preserved to the extent protected by Federal and Emirate laws of the UAE. You are also entitled to receive an explanation regarding exceptions to confidentiality.[Apply For Health Insurance Online Now on]

As a Thiqa member, your Responsibilities are:

  • You must read your Thiqa benefits details, exclusions and the other terms and conditions applicable under your Thiqa health coverage. If you do not understand any of the information provided, you should contact the Daman Customer Service and ask for full explanations on the covered benefits, limitations and authorization procedures.
  • You must present your health insurance “Thiqa” card (Emirates ID) when accessing covered health services from Daman Network Providers under the Thiqa Programme.
  • You must be aware of how to access covered health services and the pharmaceutical benefits you are entitled to as part of your Thiqa benefits.
  • Sometimes you will be required to pay applicable co-insurance at the time of availing a health service.