Home insurance comes to your rescue and helps you get back on your feet when disaster strikes. It protects you if your home is damaged or destroyed and even provides coverage if someone is injured on your property. But when it comes to coverage, does it include all possible risks that you might be exposed to?

The answer is NO. All home insurance policies come with certain exclusions. While these may vary depending on your policy type, below is a list of five risks that are generally excluded from standard home insurances.

War and terrorism

Damage or destruction caused by political risks such as war or war like situations, mutiny, uprisings, etc. are generally excluded from home insurance policies. In the same way, any acts of terrorism causing damage to your premises cannot be claimed under your policy. However, most insurance policies provide cover for riots, civil commotion, strikes, labour disturbances and vandalism.

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Home-based businesses

If you run a business out of your home, keep in mind that a standard home insurance policy’s coverage will not extend to your business operations. Any damage to business equipment, machinery, documents, books, manuscripts, stamps or injury to clients and employees will not fall under the coverage. You will need an additional cover for such protection.


Mold can be seen growing on walls, ceilings or floors and is usually a result of water damage. Not only does it wreck the appearance of your home, but can also pose as a health risk. Despite this, most standard home insurance policies outright exclude it. Whether or not your insurance policy covers the damage will depend on the source of the water that caused the mold. This means home insurance will not pay for the mold damage if it is caused slowly over time due to a leak, construction defect or poor home maintenance. However, this can be claimed if the water damage results from a covered peril.


Pests can pose a big threat to your home as well as your pocket. These unwanted guests are capable of causing extensive damage which is not covered under your home insurance. This is because most insurance companies think such damage from pests can be prevented. Keep a check on any moisture around your home which could result in possible pest damage and take measures to control the damage.

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Electronic risks and damage caused by viruses

Losing all your computer data may be one of your worst nightmares. But what’s even worse? Such a loss cannot be claimed under your home insurance policy. While the ‘personal belongings cover’ in your policy protects your laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets, the coverage only extends to hardware. Any software damages or data destruction due to viruses or similar threats is not covered.

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