Thinking of selling your home? Selling a home for a good price requires more than putting up the ‘FOR SALE’ sign or contacting a real estate agent. Before you put your house on the market, you have to make sure that when a prospective buyer enters the premises your house will hold an appeal for him or her. This can be done by highlighting your home’s strengths and downplaying it’s weaknesses.

The following tips by ServiceMarket, UAE’s leading marketplace for home services, in this guest post will help you to achieve just that and thereby, increase its value in the market.

Enhance your entryway

The front door and entrance plays an important role in imparting the first impression on a prospective buyer. Therefore, it is important to make the front door the centrepiece of your curb appeal. Repaint it a striking, yet tasteful color. Finish the look by placing potted plants on either side of the door and adding a new attractive knocker and handle. Next comes the foyer. To make sure it looks warm and inviting, remove all bulky furniture, paint it a neutral color, upgrade the lighting and place a side table with a painting or mirror above it.

Light it up

Bright well lit rooms not only feel more cheerful, but also make the space look larger and cleaner. The right lighting can make your home cherry and sunny, whereas wrong and dim lighting can make it feel dark and dreary. Therefore, make sure to install bright, modern light fixtures to highlight your homes best features.

Let the color speak

Paint color is a personal choice, but it also helps raise the appeal of a home if chosen wisely. So go for rich or cheerful colors that hold wide appeal, but do not forget to focus on the details such as doors and windows trim and crown molding. An accent wall or two in your home will go a long way to generate appeal.

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Install appealing fixtures

Avoid a kitchen and bathroom overhaul if you have made up your mind to sell. It entails lot of expense. Instead swap an old stained sink and microwave for shiny new models. Update lighting, install new faucets, mirrors, and door knobs. These small changes will go a long way in making a good impression.

Similarly replacing cabinets can be costly. A quicker and inexpensive alternative is to paint them anew. A appealing coat of paint can give an entirely new look to your kitchen and bathrooms.

Give the floor some charm

Flooring is an important part of your home and has the ability to give a dramatic effect. If you have stained carpets or vinyl floors, rip them off and replace them with tasteful tile, wood, or laminate flooring that goes with the color of the walls and furniture.

Go for a tasteful backyard

Convert your backyard from a dumping ground to an entertaining space. Buy some inexpensive patio furniture, grill, potted plants and flowers and fill this empty space in a tasteful manner.

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Remove all the clutter

The most important thing that you can do to enhance the appeal of your home is to get rid of clutter that has accumulated over the years. The more clutter in the room the more a room looks smaller and cramped. The moment you get rid of extra furnishing and decorative pieces that possibly fill every nook and corner, your home will look bigger and warmer.

Reposition remaining sofas, chairs and tables into conversational groups and place pieces in a tasteful manner that does not hamper the flow of foot traffic. This will make your living room user friendly.

Make bedrooms inviting

Bedrooms are an integral part of a home. Create relaxing bedrooms with luxurious linens and bed covers and colorful cushions. And do not forget to declutter the closets. This will show the available storage space which always ranks high on any buyer’s list.

Let the sparkle win hearts

Now for the last thing to enhance the value of your home. Clean, clean and clean. Make your property look spotless. Take special care with bathroom and kitchen. Make sure everything from the showers to the counters to the floors sparkle and shine. You can hire a professional deep cleaning service in Dubai right before you open your doors to prospective buyers.