Tired of asking your friends and colleagues what card or loan product you should be considering? Stop asking, Souqalmal.com has done the work for you. Based on what our tens of thousands of users have been looking at during the past month, Souqalmal.com has put together a list of the Top-5 most viewed financial products across four categories. line Souqalmal.com logo
Credit Cards
Product Name Min Salary (AED) Annual Fee (AED) Rate/ Monthly Fee (AED) Rewards Description
najm Blue Card 5,000 Free 3.09% Cashback – redemption for Carrefour vouchers
RAKBANK Amal Standard Credit Card 5,000 Free 100 Cashback
Personal Loans
Product Name Min Salary (AED) Salary Transfer Reducing Rate starting from Max Finance Amount (AED)
EmiratesNBD Loans for Expatriates 5,000 Yes 6.66% 800,000
Citibank Personal Installment Loan 5,000 No 23.00% 120,000
ADIB Al Khair Settlement for Expats 5,000 Yes 7.49% 1,000,000
DIB Al Islami Services Ijarah for Expats 6,000 Yes 16% 125,000
Dunia Finance Personal Loan 5,000 No 14% 100,000
Home Loans
Product Name Min Salary (AED) Reducing Rate starting from Rate Type Max Finance Amount (AED) Downpayment
ADIB Home Finance for Expats 20,000 4.49% Variable 10,000,000 30%
ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals 10,000 4.49% Variable 20,000,000 30%
ADCB Mortgages for Expats 15,000 3.99% Fixed for 1 year 10,000,000 15%
Car Loans
Product Name Min Salary (AED) Salary Transfer Reducing Rate starting from Max Loan Amount (AED) Downpayment
ADIB New Car Finance – Ijarah 5,000 No 7.24% 500,000 0%
ADIB Used Car Finance – Ijarah 5,000 No 7.24% 500,000 0%
DIB Balloon Finance 5,000 No 6.35% 500,000 20%
Al Hilal Bank New Vehicle Finance 7,000 No 4.52% 1,000,000 20%
ADIB Used Car Finance – Murabaha 5,000 No 4.50% 500,000 20%
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