Your itinerary is set, bags are packed, and you can’t wait to switch to the holiday mode. The last thing on your mind right now are the 100 things that can probably go wrong before you even set foot at your destination. If you have already secured yourself with travel insurance, there’s less reason to worry. But if you still haven’t given it a thought, here’s why the clock is ticking for you.

What does a travel insurance policy cover?

Don’t think travel insurance is worth the money? Before you jump to any conclusions, take a look at some of the benefits or covers that you get with a standard policy in the UAE.

Emergency Medical Benefits:

If during the course of your trip you fall ill, injure yourself or need any other medical assistance, your travel insurance policy will pay for the necessary expenses (hospital, pharmaceutical or ambulance) up to the amount shown on your schedule.

Personal Baggage and Personal Money

Any loss, theft or damage to baggage while on your trip will be covered, as long as you take all reasonable precautions and such loss is not due to your negligence. Your travel insurance company will make deductions for wear and tear/depreciation and either cover the cost of repair or replace as new.
You can also claim for loss, theft or damage to personal money up to the maximum mentioned in your policy schedule.

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Passport Assistance

Passport assistance is one of the important covers that form part of your travel insurance. In the event, your passport is lost or stolen abroad; your policy will cover the administrative expenses to obtain a new passport along with the extra transport and lodging expenses incurred while the request is being processed.

Personal Accident

If an accident abroad results in either death or permanent disability within a year of your travel, your policy will pay you or your dependents up to the amount mentioned in the schedule.

Personal Liability

This cover provides for the expenses or claims made by third parties that you are liable to pay for as a result of one of your actions, accidental injury or illness of another person or loss or damage to property that does not belong to you.

Legal representation

For any legal actions that you will be undertaking in the event of loss or damage to life or property abroad, your travel insurance policy will cover all such expenses incurred by you.

Repatriation of mortal remains

In the unfortunate event of a death of the insured person abroad, the travel insurance provider will take responsibility for all arrangements, the cost of post mortem, preparation of the body and the transport costs to the country of residence.

Delayed departure

In the event your travel is delayed, at least 12 hours from the scheduled time of departure due to reasons such as strikes, adverse weather conditions, technical breakdowns, etc. you will be reimbursed under your travel insurance policy with the amount mentioned in your policy’s schedule.

Delayed Baggage

Your travel insurance provider will pay you for emergency replacement of clothing, medication, and toiletries if your baggage has been delayed or misplaced by the carrier and not returned to you within 12 hours during the outward journey.

Cancellation or curtailment

Your travel insurance company will pay for any prepaid travel and accommodation costs should you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to unavoidable reasons.

Kennel and cattery fees

If during the course of your travel you have left your pets in a kennel or cattery, your travel insurance will pay for the extra fees, if you are not able to make it back home on time due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I extend my coverage?

You can also choose to extend the scope of your policy for increased protection. Additional covers that you can add to your travel insurance policy include:

Winter Sports Cover

This cover is designed as an optional feature for individuals taking part in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports which involve an element of risk. When included in your policy, it covers injuries and medical expenses, cancellation and curtailment expenses, loss of sporting equipment, etc. for an additional premium.

Golf Cover

A golf cover is an additional feature that you can add to your travel insurance policy for an extra premium. It covers the medical cost of treating sporting injuries, unused green fees, loss and replacement of golfing equipment and non-refundable golf reservations.

Terrorism Cover

This cover does not form part of a typical travel insurance policy unless is specifically added by paying an extra premium. It provides cover to the insured person up to the maximum mentioned in the policy schedule, in the event of an act of terrorism that causes loss or damage or injury to the person.

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What is the maximum coverage?

Most insurance providers have different grades of policies such as silver, gold, and platinum which determine the maximum amount of coverage that you will receive. The more premium your policy is, the more coverage you will receive.
On, compare quotes from different providers and secure your holiday with the right travel insurance policy.