It’s been an uneventful year, so you automatically assume that nothing would go wrong on the weeklong holiday you’re planning too. After all, how risky could it be to travel without any travel insurance?

Well, it’s not worth the risk!

One unfortunate turn of events could ruin your perfect holiday. And in a quest to save a few hundred dirhams, you could end up paying thousands.

10 reasons to NEVER travel without travel insurance

Unfortunately, many of us still underrate travel insurance and choose to travel without adequate travel insurance coverage, or none at all. But here’s why you absolutely need it! We’ve compiled a list of scenarios where travel insurance can come to your rescue:

1) Trip cancellation

Have to cancel your trip at the last minute due to a medical emergency, death of a close relative, or losing your job? Travel insurance will cover your transport and accommodation cancellation costs.

2) Trip curtailment

Have to cut short your trip due to a similar situation as stated above? Travel insurance will pay for the extra cost of transport and accommodation you have already paid for.

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3) Travel delay

Is your flight unusually delayed, and you’re stuck waiting for hours or even a day or two? Travel insurance will pay out in case the delay is more than the minimum number of hours as stated in your policy.

4) Baggage delay

Your travel insurance policy will pay for the essential items you need, if your baggage has been delayed by the airline.

5) Lost, damaged or stolen baggage

What’s worse than delayed baggage? Baggage that you don’t receive at all, or that’s been stolen or completely damaged. Your insurance policy will clearly define the compensation provided in case this happens on your journey.

6) Lost passport

If you lose your passport on the trip, travel insurance will compensate you for the additional accommodation and travel costs to allow you the time needed to get a replacement.

7) Emergency medical expenses

Travel insurance will cover the cost of emergency medical treatment and evacuation and in unfortunate cases, repatriation of remains.

8) Personal liability

What if you are held liable for loss of or damage to property, or injury sustained by a third party? Travel insurance will pay for such expenses and settlements up to the amount stated in the policy.

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9) Legal expenses

Want to claim compensation from a third party for personal injury or damage to your property? Travel insurance will pay for the legal expenses and help manage all the legal proceedings while you’re abroad.

10) Optional coverage

Whether you’re planning to ski, scuba dive, or play golf, you can choose an optional cover that provides you with additional coverage for such activities.

When is travel insurance a mandatory requirement?

Apart from being highly recommended, travel insurance may actually be mandatory to enter your preferred holiday destination. There are quite a few countries that have made travel insurance mandatory for all visitors, and many others are considering doing the same as well.

For instance, if you’re planning to travel to any of the Schengen countries, be aware that travel medical insurance is a mandatory requirement to secure a tourist visa. This travel insurance plan must at least have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 to cover emergency medical expenses, emergency repatriation as well as repatriation of remains.

Most recently, Thailand has been considering implementing compulsory travel insurance for all tourists entering the country.