Panicking about that ATM deposit you made, which is not reflecting in your bank account? Or the withdrawal you requested but were unable to pull out of the machine in time?

Very often, system errors may occur in the ATM machine due to which a cash or a check deposit transaction may not reflect in the customer’s account. In case of withdrawals too, sometimes we miss taking out the cash fast enough, and for security purposes the cash machine swallows the amount back.

Worry not. There are simple steps you can take to ensure everything is back in order and your account statement reflects the correct balance.

You should immediately call up the customer service of your bank and report the complaint. While many banks we spoke to say that often these issues are resolved by the bank automatically within 24 hours, it is the responsibility of the customer to raise the complaint. Here is a checklist of things to do and details to collect if you ever face such a situation.

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Before raising the complaint:

  • Whether you made a deposit or a withdrawal, be sure to collect the transaction receipt.
  • Make a note of the amount you were depositing or withdrawing.
  • In case of a cash deposit, it would be advisable to know the cash denominations you used to deposit.
  • In case of check deposits, note the details of the issuing bank, branch and check number.
  • Collect details of the location of the ATM machine you visited: which branch, machine number (usually written on receipt) and date and time of deposit or withdrawal.

After raising the complaint:

  • Be sure to take down the complaint reference number from the bank’s representative.
  • Turnaround time for your statement to get corrected varies from bank to bank and could range from between a week to 20 days. Remember it is your responsibility to follow up regularly with the bank to know the status of your complaint.

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