In February 2011, the UAE Central Bank issued a set of standardized fees and regulated maximum limits on the charges or commissions that banks can charge their customers.

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Maximum (AED)
Personal accounts
Account opening fee None
Minimum balance to be maintained 3,000
Charge for falling below monthly minimum balance 25
Dormant account charge None
Teller services (first six free per month) 10
Bulk cash deposit/ withdrawal at teller counter None
Account closure fee (within one year of opening) 100
Over-the-counter utility bill payment (free online and at ATM) 10
Standing orders
Standing order set-up 50
Penalty fee for insufficient funds/ standing order dishonored 25
Letters, certificates, bank statements
Account balance letter 50
No liability certificate 100
Release letter 50
Archive statement of account (i.e. outside usual statement cycle) 25
New checkbook (first free – 25 leafs per book) 25
Bounced check fee 100 (no charge if written to yourself)
Bank check (manager’s check) issue fee 30
Stop check payment instruction 50
Debit cards
Issuing ATM card None
Issuing supplementary ATM card 25
Replacing PIN code 25
Replacing lost or stolen ATM card 25
Fee for using other bank’s ATM card 2
Processing fee (on top of foreign exchange fee) 2%

Source: UAE Central Bank

The UAE Central Bank also keeps a list of all banks’ charges.