survey reveals that the average spend of UAE consumers plan to spend on average USD 3,492 this festive season on various items such as holidays, gifts, dining and phone calls to loved ones who are abroad.

“We surveyed 250 customers online to find out what they are planning to spend their money on and how they are planning to pay for their holiday shopping.   One of the insights we tried to get is how cashless is UAE becoming as a society? 71% of consumers plan to use their credit cards to pay either fully or partially for their expenses while 28% are planning to use solely cash for their expenses.  I think the trend towards using card is definitely growing year on year.  For those using their cards, we urge them to look up offers and deals their banks are giving this season on ” says Ambareen Musa, Founder and CEO of

“When it comes to keeping in touch, we found out that 25% of consumers have included calling friends and family abroad as part of their festive budget.  This is of course a reflection of the high number of expatriates in the UAE.  I strongly advise to plan calls at times when the operators plan provide cheapest international calls – which again you can find on our blog where we have put together a list of offers.” Musa adds.


A few examples of offers that can be found on


  • RAKBANK offers up to 25% on various brands in shopping malls when you purchase it on your RAKBANK credit card
  • ADCB offers 10% off on any purchases of shoes and bags at Milano all around the UAE

Getaways & Travel

  • MasterCard offers 15% off on the best available room rates at any Jumeirah Group Hotels & Resorts in the UAE
  • Visa International is offering 33% off when you book 3 nights and above in the Middle East and Africa with Hilton Hhonors
  • You can save up to 15% on British Airways air tickets with a RAKBANK credit card


  • NBAD offers 20% off on food and beverages at TilalLiwa Hotel, Abu Dhabi
  • HSBC credit cardholders can avail a 20% discount on Food and Beverage at Wafi Restaurants such as Biella, Asha’s at Pyramids, Carter’s, Mezdo, Seville’s, Thai Chi, Vintage, The Square

Keeping in touch with family and friends

  • Pay 2 fils per second on Fridays and after 9pm on other days when you call Internationally with du’s One World Plan for Prepaid & Elite Plan users
  • Pay 2 fils per second on Fridays and after 5pm on International calls to Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine for Etisalat Prepaid users