1.4% Price Hike by Mid- September. The “Excise Tax”

As of the mid of this September, sooner than expected for residents of the UAE, “Excise Tariff Tax” will be applicable on consumer products, possibly causing a hike of 1.4% in prices. Within the next couple of months, residents are also to expect a 100% excise tax on tobacco products and energy drinks and 50% on carbonated drinks. Further laws on the 5% VAT taxation system will be released with almost 350,000 businesses expected to register themselves with the Federal Tax Authority by the beginning of September. Authorities have highlighted that the VAT tax will be applicable on all business with annual turnover of AED 375,000, with more by laws regarding applicability to be released next month.

Dubai Municipality new application to help Dubai shoppers identify fake products

It is now mandatory for Dubai suppliers of health supplements, cosmetic and personal care products, perfumes, detergents, soaps, packaging materials and biocides such as antibacterial products to be registered on the “Montaji” product portal. The Dubai Municipality project is aimed to provide shoppers with a tool to identify fake from genuine products. When in doubt consumers can just scan product barcodes to instantly get classification and registration details summarizing the authenticity of the product at hand. Authorities have introduced this with hopes to increase the general product safety in Dubai yet maintaining a smooth flow of trade. Furthermore, plans are in the pipeline to provide customers personal advice on whether a certain product matches with their health profile.

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DEWA Launches ‘Move To’ Service for Moving from One Property to another in Dubai Online & Hassle-Free

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has launched the “Move To” smart application and service as part of the authority mission and vision to simplify customer transactions and processes. The application will be targeting residential, commercial and industrial customers and allowing them the ‘Transfer of Electricity and Water Service’ in Dubai when moving from one residence to another without going through the hassle of visiting any of the DEWA offices. Resident deposit and data can automatically be transferred once their “Ejari” contract is submitted to any of the real estate companies or typing offices approved by the Land Department.

UAE to introduce regulations for Self Driving Vehicles 

Following the call for the commercial launch of electric vehicles across the country, with the Tesla MiddleEast showroom opening in Dubai and the spread of numerous charging stations across the country, Dubai yet takes on another challenge. The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) is set to draft rules regarding the country’s future for autonomous vehicles, i.e Self Driving Vehicles. This is to ensure the highest safety standard in modern transport ahead of its commercial launch. Interesting to mention this draft also falls in line with the recent testing of the RTA Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) exploring the same autonomous concept in the aviation sector. The ESMA project is to be submitted during the “Future Vehicles World 2017” this November in Dubai.

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