A longer residency Visa has always been on top of the minds for most UAE residents. In fact, 65 percent of expats living in the UAE are interested in making it their permanent home, as per a study conducted by FPI. Well, Guess what? In a surprise announcement earlier this week, the UAE Cabinet approved the issuance of a 10 YEAR RESIDENCE VISA for specific professions.

Who Can Get the 10 Year Residence Visa?

This will be applicable to UAE investors, Entrepreneurs and specialists in the Scientific, and Technical fields. It is expected to be implemented by the end of 2018, but here’s where it gets bigger! This Visa can also be extended to family members and dependants.
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It’s also important to note that students will be able to get a Five-Year Residency Visa. This will be sponsored by their university, and if you’re an exceptional student, you can even get a 10 Year student visa!

The cabinet is also considering a possible extension of residency visas for dependent students after they complete their university studies. This will give them enough time to consider their future Post-Graduate options in the UAE.

How Can I Apply For the 10 Year Visa?

This information is not out as yet. Watch this space for further details on how UAE residents can apply for the 10 year Visa.

How Does the Current Residency System Work?

The current system offers renewable Work Residency Visas ranging from 1-3 Years. Aside from this, the UAE government also offers Property Residency Visas applicable on bought property across the Emirates. The period for this Visa ranges from 6 months – 2 Years. Students and family dependents are supposed to renew their Visa on a year to year basis, extended by their current sponsor.