The National published an article on November 11, 2015 discussing the restrictions on the use of Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) channels and how it is scaling down the growth of SME’s in the country.

Ambareen Musa shares her opinion and the hurdle she faced because of this restriction.

Ambareen Musa, founder and chief executive of the financial products comparison website, expanded her Dubai company abroad, but she said not being able to use VoIP apps as she can in other countries is both inconvenient and expensive.

“It has to be through Etisalat and du, through an actual phone line, and the cost is a lot, it’s not cheap. And the more we expand, the more expensive it’s going to become.”

Ms Musa uses Skype for computer to computer calling, but connectivity issues often result in poor call quality.

“You will find on the mobile trying to do a Skype call over VoIP is quite difficult. You can’t call an actual number. FaceTime doesn’t work. As a business owner and someone who’s always on the run, it’s definitely a hindrance.”

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