When buying a car, you will need to decide which car body type best fits your needs in order to make a decision. If you have a large family, you may want to consider a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) for example. Or if you are someone who places greater weight on a car’s performance and aesthetics, you could be looking at coupés and cabriolets as possible options. To make your decision easier, we take a look at the different car body types, their unique primary features and some of the reasons you might consider one over the other.

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These are your typical four door vehicles that are suitable for single drivers and families alike – but are perhaps for smaller families due to their limited room. Sedans are popular car types as they provide a combination of practicality and space.

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This is a two door vehicle and is usually sportier than sedans. Coupés tend to appeal usually to drivers looking for a fast vehicle with an attractive design. If you plan to have more than one passenger with you in a coupé, it could get very tricky! Some coupés provide seats at the back but these are usually very limited in size and leg-room. Beware that the insurance premiums on coupés can be considerably higher as they are considered “sporty” and are therefore deemed to be riskier vehicles to insure.


A shorter version of a sedan, the hatchback is usually compact but when the back seats of the car fold down it can be spacious and very practical.

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Convertibles are usually two door cars that can convert from open air tops to an enclosed top. If you are looking for a sporty looking car, and you enjoy driving in the open air, this could be the design for you. But beware that driving convertibles in the UAE can be extremely difficult in the hot summer months. Also, similarly to coupés, the cost of insuring a convertible can be a lot higher as compared to other body types.  

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SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)/ 4×4

SUVs come in different sizes.  Generally speaking, SUVs are ideal for people who have large families or for those who prioritise convenience of driving over anything else. It can be a lot more comfortable to drive an SUV than it is to drive a sedan on bumpy roads for example. Nowadays, some SUVs are designed to perform better on the street while others have more advanced off-road capabilities. If you enjoy this activity, find out if your SUV has the right specifications for it. So for example, off-road friendly SUVs will typically have skid plates that protect the vehicle from underneath while on tough terrains. These cars will also usually have a higher suspension and all-terrain tyres. So before you take your brand new SUV to the desert, check to make sure it is suitable for that landscape! Because SUVs tend to be quite large, you may want to practice your parking skills before you buy one. Although practically most SUVs are equipped with parking cameras and sensors these days, you should still remember that your SUV will need a large parking space whether at home, at work or at the mall. Think of these practicalities.

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Pick-up trucks

A new trend in the last few years, pick-up trucks are usually huge vehicles with heavy duty capabilities used for hauling and towing. If you have large objects to transport (think boats, bikes or dune buggies for example), these could do the job for you. 

Whichever car body type you are leaning towards, always think of the uses that each one offers you as well as the drawbacks and limitations. These include space, speed, ease of parking, design, cost and safety. And always make sure to test drive the car you like before you buy it. This way you can get a feel of how driving it on a daily basis will be and you’ll know if the car meets your needs.