With increased competition, banks in the UAE are coming up with unique products in an effort to attract new customers. Credit card rewards nowadays extend beyond collecting airmiles or receiving exclusive discounts on golf club memberships. Some banks have introduced credit cards with goldback or built in perfume applets for example. These products were designed with customers’ lifestyle preferences in mind while attempting to offer added value.

We take a look at some of the most unique banking products in the UAE and let you be the judge.

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The Goldback Credit Card

Many UAE residents are fairly familiar with cash back credit cards. You get rewarded with cash at the end of the month on your spend.  The cash back is calculated as a percentage of your purchases and may be capped at a specific amount monthly. But the newest on the market is the Goldback credit card.

As the name suggests,  the card rewards you with gold instead of cash. Every month, depending on the amount you spend, you accumulate points and redeem them for Gold. Bear in mind though, that there are caps on the dirham amount of goldback you get monthly depending on where and how much you spend. For example, it can be capped at AED2,000 on international spend and AED1,200 on domestic spend.

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The Scented Laha credit card and Qibla card

One highly unique product was introduced by Al Hilal Bank targeting its female client base. According to the bank, the “Laha” credit card comes with a built in applet that can absorb perfume so that your card remains scented at all times. In addition to being able to customise the scent of your card, you can also get discount vouchers and easy payment plan options on purchases of perfumes, bags, shoes, cosmetics and other luxury goods.

The bank also has another credit card that allows card holders to locate the direction of prayer or the “qibla” through a built in, battery operated digital compass. The Qibla card also offers a 12 month, profit free, easy payment program on Hajj pilgrimage and Umrah travel. This however, depends on the eligibility of the customer.

Football credit card and savings account

Football is a major sporting event followed and supported by many in the UAE and banks have been quick to respond to the trend. The ADIB Football Card for example, allows UAE football fans to have 20% of their annual credit card fee go towards supporting an Etisalat Pro-League club of their choice.

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Similarly, if you are a Manchester United fan in particular, an EmiratesNBD savings account promises to increase the interest earned on your deposit every time your team scores a goal. For example, if Manchester United scored up to 3 goals in a month, your account could earn 0.25% additional interest annually. But remember: the bank only considers goals scored in the Premier League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and UEFA Champions League as part of this product.

Whether you decide to try any of these unique banking products, always check the associated terms and conditions, fees and eligibility criteria.