When we think about getting insured, investing in policies which will cover our car, the contents of our home or our medical bills come to mind. However there are other unusual insurance policies you can get. Some of these bizarre insurance products include body parts, alien abduction and unexpected life events. Below are a few examples of the kind of policies you could get abroad. Remember, these insurance policies may not be available in the UAE!

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Celebrities with unusual insurance policies

Celebrities are known to get their body parts insured such as their legs, teeth and even their hair. One such celebrity includes model Heidi Klum who has insured her legs for $2.2 million. However, one of her legs is worth less than the other due to a scar.

To name a few other celebrities, Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist has insured his most valuable asset, his hands for $1.6 million. Ugly Betty star America Ferrera might hide her million dollar smile behind braces during the show, but her teeth have been insured by Aquafresh for a whopping $10 million.

Football player David Beckham didn’t stop at just one body part, his entire body was insured for $195 million in case he suffered from any injury preventing him from ever playing football again.

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Insuring major life events

Weddings are a costly affair. Planning them not only takes up your time but can also drain your funds. And what happens when the bride or groom get cold feet at the last minute and decide to cancel the event?  Luckily, there are insurance polices out there which will cover costs in case a wedding is called off.

Besides weddings, some insurance companies will cover other unexpected life events. These include covering the costs of giving birth to multiple babies for parents who aren’t financially prepared to raise triplets or quadruplets. Getting divorce insurance is also another option where you could receive a lump sum of money if your spouse and you decide to part ways.

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Policies for the sports enthusiast

If you like playing golf or are a fan of the Football fantasy league, you can get insured to cover any loss or damage. According to the Fiscal Times, fantasy league players can insure their team members in their league in case the real-life players suffer injuries or miss out on games. Golf lovers on the other hand can get international insurance policies to cover loss of equipment or theft.

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Insurance against alien abductions

British firm, Lloyd’s of London has insured numerous people afraid of being abducted by aliens. They also offer insurance policies which include cover against an asteroid strike. Other bizarre polices known to be purchased by individuals are impregnation and consumption by aliens and insurance against ghosts. The Royal Falcon Hotel in England insured it’s staff members against any harm caused by ghosts with a pay out of one million pounds.