Du and Etisalat customers can use various mobile commands to transfer credit, unsubscribe to spam SMS, send call requests and much more. Below is a list of helpful commands and codes you can use.

Table: List of commands/ SMS for Du customers

Description Command
Customer Care Dial 155
Transfer credit Dial *121*phone number*amount#
Check balance prepaid users Dial *135#
Check balance postpaid users SMS ‘Rewards’ to 1233
Restrict Spam SMS SMS ‘B Sender ID’ to 7726
Unsubscribe to promotional SMS Blank SMS to 5293
Reactivate promotional SMS Blank SMS to 7000
Unsubscribe to data bundle SMS ‘stop data’ to 1355
Register to caller tunes SMS ‘CT [code]’ to 1560
Deactivate caller tunes SMS ‘CTD’ to 1560
Unsubscribe to post-call notification Dial *135*50# & select option 2
Stolen or lost phone Dial 800155
Receive MMS and internet settings SMS ‘du’ to 3300

Source: Du

Table: Du top up and recharge options commands

Recharge option Description Dial command
More Time Get credit equals to recharge card  *135* [WoW recharge card no.]#
More International Get more talk time for international calls  *138* [WoW recharge card no.]#
More Data Get extra data  *131* [WoW recharge card no.]#
More Credit Get extra credit  *136* [WoW recharge card no.]#

Source: Du


Du customers, did you know?

  • The extra data or minutes which come with your recharge option may only last for a limited time period. For example if you get the More Data with a recharge amount of AED 20, you can use 40 MB worth of data which will be valid for 30 days.
  • You can get more information on the list of Du commands. Just SMS ‘HELP’ to 7726.
  • Every time you get a post-call notification, it costs you 1 fil.
  • There is a Du data manager app you can download to check your smartphone usage each month

Table: List of commands/SMS for Etisalat customers

Description Command
Customer Care Dial 101
Transfer credit Dial *100*Mobile no.*amount#
Check credit balance prepaid Dial *121# or Dial 121
Check credit balance postpaid Dial *140#
Send call request Dial *188*Mobile no.#
Reverse billing Dial *132*Mobile no.#
Unsubscribe SMS from one sender SMS ‘b sendername’ to 7726
Unsubscribe to SMS from Etisalat SMS ‘b Etisalat’ to 7726
Unsubscribe to all promotional SMS SMS ‘b all’ to 7726
Use Mobile Pay feature to recharge Dial *123#
Register to caller tunes SMS Buy <tune code> to 1100
Change caller tunes settings Dial 144
Unsubscribe to post-call notification Dial **62*134# & choose “Cancel”
Interactive voice response guidance Dial 146
Subscribe to Wasel Call International Pay Local Dial *141# or SMS ‘IDD’ 1010
Track data usage Dial *170#
Subscribe to Blackberry packages SMS ‘code’ 1010 eg: SMS ‘B299″ to 1010

Source: Etisalat

Etisalat customers, did you know?

  • You can make your family, friends and colleagues pay for your call to them by using the reverse billing command.
  • The minimum amount of credit transfer is AED 5 and maximum is AED 100 per transaction.

Mobile portability

Postpaid and prepaid customers in the UAE have the option to moving their mobile numbers between Etisalat and Du. Keep in mind that any credit or data balance will be lost during the swap. Find out more on the steps to change your telecom provider.

Before swapping, research Du mobile plans and offers and Eitsalat mobile plans and offers before making a decision.

Pay for parking by SMS

You can use your mobile to pay for paid parking zones by using the RTA’s mParking service in Dubai, smsParking in Sharjah or mawaqif in Abu Dhabi.

  • Dubai: <Plate No.><space><Zone No.><space><Duration in hrs>
    Register on the RTA website. Send an SMS to 7275 in the format above. The SMS will cost 30 fils and you will need to have sufficient credit on your phone to be able to use the mParking service.
  • Sharjah: Plate source<space>Plate number
    You can use a similar service in Sharjah called smsParking. Du and Etisalat customers can send an SMS to 5566 in the following format. The plate source in this case is the emirate your car is registered in and should be abbreviated. For example, for a car registered in Fujairah, you would type FUJ as the plate source.
  • Abu Dhabi: Plate Category<space>PlateNumber<space>Tariff<space><Duration in hrs> OR  Nickname<space>Tariff<space><Duration in hrs>
    To pay for parking send an SMS to 3009 in the format above. The service is called mawaqif service and customers can register their cars to pay for parking. Private plate vehicles which belong to Abu Dhabi don’t need to register their cars but still need to create a mawaqif account.

Other tips

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