We were all new to Dubai at some point, and regardless of where we came from one of the biggest routines we had to get used to was the weekly bottled water delivery service!

Residents in Dubai have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a company to deliver bottled water to their homes. Not only is this type of service very convenient, but it is also quite affordable across the board.

What are your options?

There are several established and reputable brands that deliver bottled water to all areas of the emirate, with Mai Dubai, Oasis, Nestle Pure Life and Masafi among the most popular ones. If you’re still unsure about which service may be the right one for you continue reading as we have sized up all of the above-mentioned services from a price, benefit and quality standpoint.

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Let’s say you’d like to have a few five-gallon water bottles delivered to your home weekly. Ordering this quantity is by far the most economical option as purchasing bottles with smaller quantities will end up costing you more per item. The price range for a five-gallon bottle used for water dispensers or water coolers is between AED 10.5 – AED 12, while the average price for a one-gallon bottle is AED 2.5 compared to the price of AED 2.1 per one gallon quantity with the five-gallon option.

Mai Dubai

A five-gallon bottle of Mai Dubai will cost you AED 11.5 (including VAT) if you are paying with cash. By buying a coupons book at a price of AED 105 you will get 10 coupons to use averaging at a price of AED 10.5 per bottle. This translates into savings of AED 1 per bottle. Orders can be placed by calling the company, and this can be done on a one-time basis or regular basis, eliminating the hassle of scheduling weekly orders as you have the option of receiving your delivery at the same time and address each week.

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Oasis gives customers the choice of paying in cash or coupons upon delivery, as well the option of order bottles of any size with an electronic and reloadable cash card which is a convenient way of ordering, given that it eliminates the need of using cash or coupons, while it also lets you pay for what you need in advance and track your transactions. 

Oasis water is priced at AED 11 per five-gallon bottle should you already have a bottle which you can exchange for the new one. First time customers and those who want to purchase a bottle without exchanging are required to pay a price of AED 36 which includes the cost of the AED 11 bottle and a deposit of AED 25. Oasis is popular with environmentally conscious consumers as its bottles are reusable, giving customers an easy way to recycle as the company handles this service, while it also lists all of its recycling stations on its website, should the customer want to recycle their existing bottles.

Nestle Pure Life

Buying a five-gallon bottle of Nestle Pure Life costs AED 10.5 on delivery and the same amount per item if you purchase a 20-coupon book. Among the biggest benefits of using this service is that it offers you the ability to purchase and manage your deliveries online. By logging into your account via the website, you can avail offers, customize your delivery as needed and make hassle-free payments online.


Deviating from the norm, Masafi sells disposable four-gallon water bottles – That’s the largest size on offer. It’s the only naturally sourced water option in the country. These bottles are BPA-free and are available in two options – their flagship natural water brand ‘Masafi Pure’ and the zero-sodium ‘Masafi Zero’. A four-gallon bottle of Masafi Pure costs AED 14, while the same size in the Masafi Zero option comes at AED 15.

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