Louvre Abu Dhabi to Open this Weekend

World’s largest art museum located in Paris now has opened a new chapter in Abu Dhabi. It is now open to visitors from worldwide. Culture is the most beautiful thing that ever came out of human existence and museums are an appreciation of the same. On November 11, when Louvre AD will be open to visitors, it will have more than 600 pieces on display. Items from its permanent collection and on loan from French and regional institutions. The UAE and French government signed an intergovernmental agreement in 2007. The museum has 55 white buildings being developed as ‘museum city’. It has a “rain of light” effect created by the white dome. Set to open on Saturday, it will kick off four days of entertainment with the performances from worldwide famous artists.

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Dubai Scales Out Health Care Plans Until 2030

Dubai is always innovating and scaling out new strategies to have a positive impact on every sector. A new approach towards the healthcare sector is aimed towards developing a better industrial future. It is believed to create 27,000 job opportunities in the upcoming years. The focus is on manufacturing products in Dubai rather than importing. Generics such as paracetamol is already being manufactured in Dubai, yet, super-generics can be made here too. Super-generic is generic made with an innovative approach. For example, common cold tablets made in the form of a spray or a patch. The goal is also to create the blood plasma in the country. Currently, blood plasma is imported from US and Europe, hence, there is always a potential risk of shortage. Another investment being looked into is 3D implants. This is bound to create jobs in the sector of medical tourism.


Trade your old phone to get the new iPhone X Cheaper

Keeping its old tradition alive tech-giant Apple is providing an offer for its most expensive product – iPhone X. A credit of up to Dh 1420 for exchanging old eligible phones against the latest one. iPhone 7 Plus can be traded for Dh1,420 and iPhone 7 for Dh1,240 provided it abides by Apple’s requirements. Alike this, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 can get you a straight reduction of  Dh835, Dh720, Dh560, and Dh445, respectively. iPhone was received with enthusiasm by UAE residents after the launch last week. iPhone SE and iPhone 5s will get you Dh475 and Dh260.  iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 will fetch Dh200 and the discount goes as low as Dh95. There is no information on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus so far.