There are more than 1.4 million cars on the UAE’s roads at present, and this number is expected to reach 2.22 million by 2020. Considering UAE’s weather conditions it is very common for cars to go through usual wear and tear. It is always good to keep yourself prepared in case of car breakdowns for your safety as well as the passengers’ travelling along. Below are few precautions you need to consider in case your car breaks down.

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Stay alert of your location

Always stay alert while driving and look out for landmarks or sign boards. This is especially helpful when you are travelling to an unknown area. If your car breaks down it can be easy for you to contact someone for help and guide them to your location.

Lookout for potential warning signs while driving

When you drive your car on a regular basis you can always get the tell-tale signs when your car is behaving oddly. If you hear unusual sounds coming from the floorboard or unstable steering wheel it is evident that something is seriously wrong with your car. Stop your car at a safe location and refrain from driving as it can be dangerous for you as well as other motorists on road.

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Get off the road

Once it is confirmed that your car is in no condition to be driven, always get your car far away from the road. If on a freeway the safest option is to move your vehicle onto the hard shoulder as it will keep the traffic clear and also help locate it easily. Also avoid sitting in the vehicle for your own safety.

Warn others of your cars’ breakdown

RTA has made it compulsory for all vehicles to carry an emergency tripod warning triangle at all times. This sign will warn other motorists well in advance of the fact that the car is stationary. The triangle should be placed 3 meters away from your car facing the oncoming traffic.

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Call for assistance

After you have moved your car to a safe location, call for assistance at the first instance informing them about your exact location. It is important to keep towing service contact information with you at all times. Provide them with your vehicle description and get all the help needed.

Keep your car packed with equipment

Remember to keep a first aid kit, a spare phone with an active sim card and a charged battery, tools, spare tyre, fire extinguisher and water. Why is water necessary? It has two benefits, UAE is known for scorching heat and if the engine dies in the middle of nowhere it can help you stay hydrated. Secondly if your car begins to overheat you can use the water and pour it into the radiator to cool it down.