With holiday season fast approaching, many of us are either looking at how to use our miles to purchase plane tickets or to enjoy an upgrade.

“How can I get more miles?” “How many miles do I need to get a flight?” These are all burning questions we often ask ourselves, without really knowing where to turn for a clear answer. Let’s be honest, who really does have all day to research the various options available and analyze each and every program?

We have delved head-first into the world of air miles, to find out what’s hot, and compare the different credit cards with air miles programs.  This in-depth analysis allows users to compare not only how much you can earn per US$ spent, but also reveals how many miles on average you need to travel to London, Mumbai or Beirut.

Ambareen Musa, founder and CEO of Souqalmal.com, said: “Comparing all the frequent flyer programs out there is a nightmare, by the time you figure out how many miles you get and how many you need to get free ticket. Previously, there used to be one or two credit card tie-ups – now we have over 20 different credit cards with different air miles programs varying in earning and redemption rates. “

The full comparison table of all credit cards with airmiles program is on our website, making it accessible and easy to use and allowing consumers to make informed decisions about which credit card is right, with no pressure from sales agent or timely conversations with call centers.

How many miles do you need to go to London, Mumbai and Beirut?

You can compare all the credit card with air miles rewards here