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First Gulf Bank Masdar Platinum Card

“Just applied for this card, quite interesting and beneficial for travelers. It would be better if they added free global lounge access.”

CBD Gold MasterCard

“The great thing about small banks is that they know their clients. The benefits on this card are not massive but I love the Atijari points..! Superbly flexible as you can redeem in many ways and many different places.”

Dubai Islamic Bank Al Islami Salam Finance for Expats

“Compared to other banks, DIB is very good for medium salaried employees.”

ADCB Personal Loan for Expats

“This loan process requires a minimum of a month to get the money in your account. Very poor service but the best rate of interest for the normal earning employee.”

ADIB Home Finance for Expats

“Proactive relationship manager. He followed up on the process personally from A to Z and delivered everything on time. I was able to complete most of the transaction through email correspondence, until the contract signature day. Relationship manager was very knowledgeable. No hidden fees. easy pre-approval. I totally recommend it based on my experience.”

HSBC New Car Finance

“Be careful when taking from HSBC, calculate and see the total you would be paying for the entire loan tenure. The 2.49% figure looks attractive but there are a lot of loopholes.”

Du Elite Super 100

“I have been using this plan since I subscribed to Du on their postpaid plan. It is by far the most useful plan, since it balances out my usage with 100 units each of messaging and minutes to local and international numbers. The 100MB is a bonus since I subscribe to an additional plan of 4GB. I do end up spending a little more in local minutes but it is worth it as the incremental cost is not worth the next level of plan.”

GEMS Royal Dubai School

“Moved to Dubai a month before my son started FS and he adapted from day 1. The teachers and learning approach are excellent, the facilities are great and you are constantly kept updated on your child’s progress and school activities by emails and blogs. Pity there are no secondary classes in the school but I would definitely recommend Royal Dubai.”