“It’s about the experience.”
“For wealthy businessmen on tight schedules, the Residence fulfills a purpose.”
“Even if someone had the money for this, it just seems over-the-top.”

Would you pay $20,000 for the Etihad Residence?

Etihad Airways unveiled the Residence on the Airbus A380 at the Arabian Travel Market. It includes a lounge, double bed, en suite bathroom and butler service. One-way tickets for the Etihad Residence start at USD 20,000 from Abu Dhabi to London.

Here is what UAE residents had to say about this new offering from Etihad…

  • Khan, an advertising professional, says, “I understand that airlines these days are trying to recapture the glamour of the early days of air travel, but it all seems pointless & excessive. Post-recession, my feeling is that people want to cut back on unnecessary expenditures. Even if someone had the money for this, it just seems over-the-top.”
  • Nadir, who works in the aviation industry, holds a different view, “Think about staying at the Burj Al Arab suite and paying the same price, it’s for the experience. Also, for rich businessmen who want to cut costs, a private jet to London would cost them more than the Residence in terms of fuel, landing rights and flight crew. This is good publicity for the airline – even for economy class passengers.”
  • Working mum Samreen shared her opinion with Souqalmal.com – “Although it looks like a great experience, I currently have other priorities and think my money will be better spent elsewhere.”
  • We also asked Yasmeen, an investment banker living in Dubai, her thoughts. “I am a frequent flyer and passionate about travel but for me the luxury of the flight isn’t as important as the destination itself. I would rather use this money over multiple trips to different destinations. A plane serves as a means to get from point A to B, I do not consider them as a spa / hotel to relax and unwind in.”
  • Logistics manager Arif holds a different outlook on the service provided by Etihad: “For wealthy businessmen on tight schedules, the Residence fulfills a purpose as they get the peace of mind to focus on their work or even unwind before a big meeting. They are used to dealing in millions, a couple of thousand dollars may seem worth it in the big picture.”
  • Lastly, Lisa, a communications manager, gives us her two cents. “If I did have the luxury of buying something as extravagant, I would maybe try it out once just for the experience – but wouldn’t make it a habit.”