With the summer sun in Dubai settling into a calming warmth, it is the right time to get your boats out and set sail onto the boundless ocean. With twelve months of copious sunshine and weather perfect for seafaring, Dubai has always remained a paradise for sailing enthusiasts.

Your yacht may be new or has been functional without a hitch for a long period; nevertheless, lack of maintenance can prove to be an expensive affair, one that you definitely don’t want to be tangled in. You never know when you’ll encounter a mishap that can send your vacation plans spiralling into chaos.

That being said, yacht maintenance is not an overnight job. But don’t worry, in this article, we will share some helpful tips to help you get your yacht up and sailing for the season.

 #1 Scrub it Clean

Can you imagine taking a dirty yacht to the seas? Cleaning your boat should be your first step in its maintenance. There is nothing more satisfying for a proud yacht-owner to have a yacht that gleams under the mid-afternoon sun! A clean yacht is not only attractive but also prevents the contaminants, such as debris, from entering the ocean water and polluting it. In fact, consider using eco-friendly products for cleaning purposes. Rinse corrosive salt from all the sides using fresh water only.

#2 Engine Check

Check your engine for faults and get it examined from a professional before launching your boat in the ocean. Additionally, you should also clean the engine parts, fishing equipment, and every other gear present on the yacht.

#3 Plan Long-term Storage

It goes without saying that your yacht is only as good as its long-term maintenance plan. Storage is a fundamental part of yacht maintenance and if you’re a seasonal sailor, putting your yacht away for months can be harsh on it. However, you can prevent the additional repair expenses by planning its storage ahead of the season and ensuring scheduled maintenance checks in the interim.

#4 Get Insured

As Dubai harbours witness a spike in the number of yachts, most marinas have made it compulsory for the boat owners to carry their own yacht insurance. As is with every other thing you hold dear, getting a yacht insurance in Dubai can be a great step towards its maintenance. You can not only protect it from unexpected engine breakdowns but also guard them against hazards like theft, piracy, loss of life etc. at the time of sailing.

#5 Stay on Top of Maintenance Schedules

Make a checklist to stay on top of your maintenance schedules. For a yacht to function seamlessly through the season, it is important for it to receive timely care. Prepare a schedule for their monthly, annual, and seasonal requirements. You should follow these schedules religiously for the sake of your boat’s health. A checklist may seem like an extra step now but it will ensure that all the checks are in place before you take her out to the sea. With proper use, checklists and maintenance schedules, you can keep your yacht in a good working condition.

So, is your boat all set to sail the glinting seas and breezy weather? If not, it’s time you sign up for a comprehensive maintenance plan today!