When one thinks of young individuals and their journey to potentially become successful entrepreneurs, no one assumes that this journey starts at the age of 5! Young people are the future and our educators are the vital tool to shaping their minds. They help guide young students and identify a child’s inner talent and gift. They have the power to enlighten and motivate by the power of knowledge.

Unlike public perception, entrepreneurship is not just a quality developed through a certain upbringing, lifestyle or education. While these play a huge factor, entrepreneurship is actually exhibited in children long before being shaped by their surrounding society. This makes it the responsibility of educators to identify and nurture young entrepreneurs at an early stage of their character.


We highlight some of the top traits individuals with entrepreneurial characters exhibit at a young age :

Above average levels of Self-Esteem

As their counter pieces in the adult business world, most entrepreneurs have exceptional charisma and confidence that can be clearly spotted amongst society. The same rules apply at a young age with children showing exceptional courage and initiative to be involved in new experiences and interact with other kids on a much higher level than their peers

Control & Self-Regulation

Easily noticeable when applying it to youngsters. One of the most common traits amongst children is the lack of patience, self-control or vision at the age. Spotting a child who for instance doesn’t rush to recess at the sound of the school bell or table manners at the sight of delicious food. These incidents despite being negligible yet say a lot about the kind of adult this child can grow up to be, if nurtured and guided closely. Similarly, this quality applies to most entrepreneurs in the SME world as well.

Slightly higher IQ levels

Now, this might come as a shocker to most people who assume entrepreneurs grew up with an exceptional mind and a higher IQ than the general public. According to studies, a variation of only 0.01 is believed to be the difference in IQ levels between potential entrepreneur individuals and average individuals.

Better Mathematicians Than Readers

Not to be considered as a rule of thumb but young entrepreneurs somehow exhibit more analytical skills than writing and reading skills. A tilt more towards problem-solving and tackling tough calculations. It’s worth considering that there are scientific tools to measure a child’s traits and potential. These include multiple assessments and quizzes a student can undertake when their tutor notices any entrepreneurial traits that could be further confirmed scientifically