In keeping with the spirit of generosity of Ramadan, businesses across the UAE offer the biggest discounts on their wares during this blessed month. Even for the most cost-conscious, this is a great time to dig out shopping lists, make travel plans, check items off bucket list or simply stock up.

Here is an overview of the discounted items, activities and experiences available in the market this festive season.

Retail savings

This Ramadan, retail stores across the UAE are offering up to 75 percent in discounts at 650 co-op societies and outlets across the country with collective discounts of AED 350 million on 10,000 items, as recorded by the Ministry of Economy.

Car deals

This is the ideal time to cash in on quality deals as car distributors offer upfront savings, 0 percent interest on EMIs, warranty, free service and maintenance for a limited time, free first year insurance and a lot more.

Theme parks, attractions and activities at a discount

Enjoy theme parks, water parks, activities and major attractions in the region with heavy discounts on ticket prices, combined tickets for park access and Iftar buffet and even free entry to theme parks with the option to pay for specific rides this Ramadan.

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Dining offers

Save big on Iftar and Suhoor buffets in hundreds of restaurants across the country with 2 for 1 offers as well as set menus, special menus, eat-all-you-can and bottomless meals at throwaway prices.

Holidays and staycations

You can make travel plans with major discounts on holiday tour packages this festive season. Hotels and resorts within the UAE are also celebrating the special month with discounts, free upgrades, Iftar and Suhoor deals, food credits and complimentary access to theme parks with their staycation packages.


Airlines in the region have also slashed prices for destinations across the globe during Ramadan.

Ramadan souqs

The eclectic Ramadan night markets or souqs are one of the major charms of the holy month. You can experience the more traditional side of the country with everything from food, apparel, accessories, perfume, jewelry, toys to electronics and appliances on sale.

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Amidst this flood of deals, it is important to stick to a budget to avoid any financial woes in the aftermath of all the expenditure. Ultimately, festive traditions are not about the money you spend, but the time you spend with your loved ones. Here are a few tips on how to stay disciplined.

  1. Track your spending. This is the first step towards budgeting.
  2. Keep the credit card away. In other words, avoid spending money you don’t have.
  3. Make a shopping list and stick to it. You should know when to stop.
  4. Cut back on unnecessary extras. Aim to trim your expenditure without sacrificing any experience of this special month.
  5. Comparison shop before you purchase items during Ramadan sale, especially expensive pieces.
  6. If you often find yourself falling victim to the festive atmosphere in the malls and making unwise purchases, try shopping online. All major online retailers in the UAE offer great deals during Ramadan. Moreover, it is easier to compare prices while shopping online. And you can use coupon codes for greater discounts.